The Cartoon Ten Commandments eBook

The Cartoon Ten Commandments

The intent of this book is to convey the meaning of the Ten Commandments (a.k.a., the decalogue) to children, youth and adults. Each chapter is divided into two parts: 1) Basic Meaning and 2) Further Meaning.

Basic meaning is just that - a clear and simple explanation of the commandment. It is at the level that children will understand, yet also provide a good introduction to the Further Meaning section for youth and adults. The Further Meaning section goes into more depth on each commandment. It is aimed at providing more insight and historical context to the commandments in a straight-forward manner that youth and adults can appreciate. There is a cartoon for each part as well.

While I have no choice but to write from a Christian perspective (looking back based on the teachings of Jesus), it is important to understand the Ten Commandments in their original, Israelite context (looking forward based on teachings of Moses). I make a deliberate attempt to separate the two perspectives so that Jewish and Christian readers will appreciate the commentary.

ISBN 978-0-9702244-2-2

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