The Cartoon Old Testament

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The Cartoon Old Testament

This commentary explores Old Testament scripture passages from the common lectionary through the use of cartoons and musings. The passages are in biblical order by book, chapter and verse, rather than lectionary order.

Reading through the Old Testament can be tedious and daunting at times, but this cartoon-based commentary is fun, entertaining and informative. Here are just a few of the things you'll learn from this book:

Is Elijah overly concerned with cakes? Does Ruth have a foot fetish? Was Joseph a spoiled brat? Did Jonah have a bad attitude? Does David prove Samuel correct about kings? Just how tall was Ezekiel? What kind of truck does Jacob drive? Did God design the first interstate highway? Can sheep really use calculators? What's Job's problem? Was Zephaniah in a rock 'n' roll band? How many animals went with Noah on the ark? Does Isaac like camping? What is Moses' favorite kind of water? Was creation really God's 3rd grade science fair project?Also Available as a Kindle Book

June 2011

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eBook ISBN is 978-0-9702244-9-1
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and Full-Color Paperback ISBN is 978-0-9848872-3-1

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