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The Cartoon Gospels is the complete 3-part collection of Cartoon Gospels in Scripture order (book, chapter, verse) rather than liturgical church year order. The scripture selection is based on the common lectionary and covers all four Gospels!

This combined volume is an great stand-alone cartoon look at the gospels, with meditations, and also makes a nice Bible study companion. It's also very cost effective since it's one volume rather than three.

The cartooning style of this book is somewhat like a visual form of parable. Humor, in general, goes a long way toward illustrating a point, often more effectively than serious discourse. Jesus used parables and they are still the lessons we remember best from the Gospels.

After reading this book, I think you will find the scripture passages aided by visual parables are much easier to remember. And, remembering them is certainly one step closer to integrating them into our daily lives.

I hope it entertains you and enriches your spiritual life.

ISBN 0-9702244-5-1

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