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Out to Lunch
KNOTS Scouting
Cartoon Gospel of John
Cartoon Old Testament

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Out to Lunch
KNOTS Scouting
Cartoon Old Testament
Ten Commandments
Joseph: A Tale of Two
Cartoon Gospel Luke
Cartoon Gospel Mark
Cartoon Gospel Matt.
The Cartoon Gospels

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Some example cartoon apparel can be seen in the Cafe Press stores. Note: It's not limited to what is currently posted!

Funnies Extra! Display Fund

Funnies Extra! is a free, 16 page, weekly, full-color humor newspaper with 40+
comics, eight puzzles, fun faces and a humor column. Each Funnies Extra edition is
operated as an independent business by the individual publishers. Out to Lunch is proud to be one of the comics associated with this project!

Note: The FE! program still has lots of territories available for individuals
or weekly newspaper publishers if anyone is interested. Please contact Bill Kellogg for more details on the program or the Display Fund at 907-441-6882 or Visit us on line at for more information.

If you would like to help the Funnies Extra publishers by donating to the "Funnies
Extra Display" fund, please see below. Click on the link (on the right) for any cartoonist involved to see what they are offering in exchange for donations (mine are below).

If you don't see a link to your favorite Funnies Extra! cartoonist (right), please check back again. More will be added as they have time to put their pages together.

There are no set donation amounts. We greatly appreciate any amount that you are willing and able to contribute, no matter how big or how small. When you click on the "Make a Donation" button, just type in whatever amount you choose.

Out to Lunch Donation Premiums

Note: Chad Carpenter of Tundra has upped the ante by offering a year subscription to the cartoon-a-day email to anyone giving $1 or more (a $20 value). That's in addition to any other premium for any creator's premium set ... pretty cool. I'm piling on ... I'll add the OTL cartoon-a-week email (a $9 value) to any donations at any level to any cartoonist as well. ;)

Donation Premium Description
$1-$9 You get the OTL cartoon-a-week email, Tundra cartoon-a-day email AND acknowledgement on the Funnies Extra! web site and a BIG "Thank You!"
$10 You get your choice of any cartoon (on in a greeting card pack (of 6) AND the emails and BIG "Thank You!"
$25 You get your choice of signed print (any cartoon) AND the emails and BIG "Thank You!"
$50 You get your choice of signed paperback book (see left) AND the emails and BIG "Thank You!"
$100 You get all four signed paperback books (Out to Lunch, Knots Scout, Cartoon Gospel of John and the Cartoon Old Testament) and a signed print of your choice AND the emails and BIG "Thank You!"
$250 You get all four signed books, 4 signed prints and a CD with all eBooks and Cartoon Collection CDs AND the emails and BIG "Thank You!"
$500 and up You get the books, the CD, the prints an OTL Snuggie (or other apparel of your choice) AND the emails and BIG "Thank You!"

Please click the donation button above or go to for other options. We will e-mail you to get your choice of products (where applicable), or you can e-mail Bill at or Rich at with that information. TIA! -Rich

Other Creator's Premiums for the "Funnies Extra! Display Fund"

Check out other creators that are offering way better premiums than I am!

Bill at a trade show promoting Funnies Extra! to Entreprenuers