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Grady Nutt Photo as seen on the Grady Nutt Facts Sheet Web Page (referenced below).Grady Nutt Photo as seen on the Grady Nutt Facts Sheet Web Page (referenced below)
Grady Nutt

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Latest News -

7/6/22 - Hello. I discovered your Grady Nutt Remembered page this morning as I was recalling some of my own memories about him. This does not add any facts but it affirms that Grady's influence was life-long.

Fifty years ago in the summer of 1972, I accompanied a San Jose CA church youth group to summer camp at Jenness Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The speaker that week was Grady Nutt (before his rise to national fame on HeeHaw). I had run into Grady during my college days in Texas and knew him to be a fabulous entertainer. His theme for the week was The Gospel According to Pinocchio and it was hysterical. I practically rolled on the dirt floor of the covered assembly space each night as he worked his magic. And then as the week came to a close, Grady transitioned his humor into deeply moving spiritual considerations. I've often wished he had been recorded so I was delighted to find you had a portion of The Gospel According to Pinocchio on your web site. Grady Nutt is still a treasured memory in my mind.

Clay Price

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10/13/17 - https://baptistnews.com/article/remembering-grady-nutt-baptists-prime-minister-humor/#.WeEBhb2xdmE - Remembering Grady Nutt, Baptists' 'Prime Minister of Humor' by Chris Caldwell "[...] His humor was wonderfully disarming. Swords melted into plowshares like churned butter on hot biscuits when Nutt spoke the truth in love. My, do we need Grady Nutt back again."

6/1/15 - https://blogs.christianpost.com/bindings/is-there-somewhere-where-we-can-talk-25700/ - The late great Rev. Grady Nutt was perhaps the first Christian humorist I recall hearing. I had the privilege of hearing him in person several times while I was in college and seminary. He was hilarious. You might remember him from the Hee-Haw television show, where he was a regular from 1979 to 1981. [...]

6/1/15 - Some quotes attributed to Grady, but not sited specifically as to where - https://meetville.com/quotes/author/grady-nutt/page1 - FYI

1/22/15 - Louisville Life spotlights Grady Nutt, Olmsted Parks, Anne Braden Institute and Annie May's Sweet ...
The next episode of Louisville Life, hosted by Candyce Clifft, takes a look back at beloved Louisvillian Grady Nutt; showcases the beauty of Louisville’s Olmsted Parks; talks with Catherine Fosl of the Anne Braden Institute; and takes a trip to Annie May’s Sweet Café. The program airs Saturday, Feb. 14 at 5:30/4:30 pm on KET2 and Sunday, Feb. 15 at 10/9 am on KET.

First, the show takes a look back at the remarkable career of Grady Nutt – minister, author and beloved television personality, whose winning blend of Christian comedy made him a regular on shows like Hee Haw and The Mike Douglass Show. Tragically, Nutt’s life and career were cut short in a charter plane crash in 1982. Louisville Life interviews Nutt’s son, Toby, about the man who came to be called “The Prime Minister of Humor.”

1/5/15 - YouTube audio of The Gospel According to Pinocchio by Grady Nutt from his album of the same name - https://youtu.be/1nxbQDPglPE reported by Greg Waldrop of Texas. Thanks for the find Greg!

12/19/14 -Perspectives - Baptist News Global artcile - We’ve only just begun to deal with our prejudice references Grady Nutt's Being Me book "Let us reaffirm the admonition popularized by Christian humorist Grady Nutt over 40 years ago in his book Being Me that all people are persons of worth created in the image of God to live and to love. Let us reaffirm a commitment to treat everyone with unconditional love without prejudice." - (https://baptistnews.com/perspectives/weve-only-just-begun-to-deal-with-our-prejudice/)

4/23/14 Tray Remembers Grady

Good morning,

I just found your page when looking for an old sermon that I heard Grady tell at youth camp where Perry and Toby served growing up. I was a camper at the time…probably 14-15 years old. This story is one that I've remembered all these years later. I found "Jesus and the 2nd Mile" on your site and it was even better than I recalled.

I was asked in an interview "what was my favorite memory" while at Laity Lodge Youth Camp…and here was my reply:

I guess the one story that I remember the best is one night at Round Up, we had the Reverend Grady Nutt from Hee Haw fame (if there was such a thing) sharing with us. He told the story of the Roman Centurion who had met Jesus as a young boy. (This is not a recorded biblical story, because it would have happened when Jesus was in his teens.) But he shared that Jews were required to carry the heavy packs of Centurions (enemies of the Jews) as they made their way through Jerusalem…and by Roman law they were required to carry the packs to a post outside of town. There were actual posts one mile outside of town in all directions. And any young defiant Jew would start to loosen the pack as he approached the mile marker…and the Centurion would ready himself to catch the pack as the young Jew would drop the pack and run back to town. But Jesus didn't do this. He kept carrying the pack…talking and engaging this Centurion all the while. Finally….as Jesus had carried the pack at least twice the normal requirement….he told the Centurion that he had really better get back to his parents. It was getting dark and they would be worried. Rev. Nutt made the connection that this is known as "going the extra mile" and teaching us how to love our enemies.

He went on to say….that later as Jesus was hanging on the cross, being punished for sins he didn't commit, dying a death that we deserve….he looked down to see his old friend. And the Centurion who had walked with Jesus years earlier, looked up as Jesus breathed his last breath and said, "Surely, this man was the Son of God!".

Just wanted you to know that I indeed do remember Grady … Toby and Perry. Honestly, I didn't know (or didn't remember) that Grady died in a plane crash soon after sharing this sermon with a bunch of teens at a camp in the Hill Country of Texas. But this story is one that I definitely remember and has had an impact on me.

Bless you for keeping up this site … and I pray that this finds you in good health and that God continues to bless you and yours.

Tray Pruet,Austin New Church

======================= Several good Grady Nutt Links on YouTube (added 1/29/14) ========================:


Some December 2013 Google links:

Grady Nutt's 2-CD Set - YouTube
Grady Nutt's 30 YEARS ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION 2-CD SET is a compilation of some of Grady's Greatest Bits. His ability to tell a story could make people ...
Grady Nutt HEE HAW - "Bible Names" - YouTube
Hee Haw's Prime Minister of Humor was known for his gifted storytelling and was famous for his spontaneous comedy routines on the top-rated TV show.
Grady Nutt - Fun In The Choir - YouTube
The late great Grady Nutt from his "Prime Minister of Humor" LP.

10/24/13 - Bone Hampton Honored with Grady Nutt Humor Award at Special ...
Announced at a special ceremony during the GMA Dove Awards on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, Bone was honored with the Grady Nutt Humor Award.

2/2/13 - Article on the New Grady Nutt web site (click here)

December 2012 - FAMILY HONORS LEGENDARY HUMORIST 30 YEARS AFTER DEATH - https://www.gradynutt.com

Nashville, TN – The family of Grady Nutt, Hee Haw's "Prime Minister of Humor," has launched a website in his memory. The noted storyteller was famous for his spontaneous comedy routines on the top-rated TV show. [...]

Also - They have a 2 CD collection of some of Grady's stories and music. Sounds like more to come too so their site will be the place to watch for good Grady Nutt information going forward.

I'm really glad they put this together, let's help them make it a success and get more vintage Grady out there to entertain and enlighten in his most unique way! -Rich

P.S. - I've updated all the links. Let me know if you find any others that don't work anymore! Thanks!

Older Updates:

July 2012 - Some exciting new developments are in the works! Stay tuned, should be able to announce them very soon! -Rich

April 2012 - Grady Nutt with the Kingsmen

https://www.google.com/url?sa=X&q=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GAsa2vi0RQ&ct=ga&cad=CAcQAxgBIAEoAjAAOABA6YCy_ARIAVgAYgVlbi1VUw&cd=K_1hTqN3c6I&usg=AFQjCNFZKINfXVc6hk5z7V1qZP14wFdJ5A 1982 Give the World a Smile (with Grady Nutt) - YouTube
1982 Give the World a Smile (with Grady Nutt).

January 2012 -

Grady Nutt fans can purchase a DVD copy of "The Gospel Accordin' to Grady Nutt" through the Baylor University Alumni Association.

Here's the information...
“If you would like to purchase a copy of the Grady Nutt video for $10 you may contact the Baylor Alumni Association at 254-710-1121 or email at BaylorLine@BaylorAlumniAssociation.com.

Please pass it on!

www.tributetogrady.com {revised}

December 2011

Neil Baer:

I have 3 tapes of talks that Grady gave in October 1982 at 2nd Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas. I recently paid to have them transferred to CDs because I could not find anyone else who had copies and 2nd Baptist didn’t know who or what I was talking about.

The first tape has gaps due to the tapes being old and slightly damaged. The second and third tapes transferred very well. If anyone is interested in obtaining copies, I can obtain pricing information for them.


November 2011

Doug Hutchens: Grady Nutt
29 years ago this afternoon Grady Nutt spoke to a youth group then to a banquet in Cullman Alabama. Grady's plane crashed soon after takeoff on the trip back ...

October 2011 - NEW Grady Nutt Web Site - www.gradynutt.com


I've been working on a tribute website for Grady Nutt for a few months and just last night made it public. I wanted to let you know because I know you have done a lot of work on your site. I created my site to compliment yours and have included a link to your site.

I just received permission to upload the Baylor University Alumni Association tribute video and have contacted Toby Nutt, Grady's son, to keep him in the loop. There's still a lot of work to do and files to upload, but I hope you enjoy it.

Chris Williams
Valdosta, GA

Note: Thanks Chris - looks good!

============================= Still Older News ================================

August 24th, 2010 - Roger has provided yet another link for your listening pleasure! Thanks Roger

April 14th, 2010 - https://jacksonvilleprogress.com/homepage/x993499400/A-piece-of-history-changes-hands - ...A piece of equipment used to shape hats, Jay said his hat blocks went as far out as Saint Louis to hat manufacturers. Some found their way to legendary Southern Baptist Preacher and Comedian Grady Nutt, who lived in the area and made cowboy hats with the hat blocks. ...
Mar 25th, 2010 - Here's a look back and good blog article in the Baptist Standard with a brief soundtrack you might enjoy (Henrietta, TX clip)!

Nov 9, 2009 - On the net ... Tuesday Hymns: “Come, Thou Almighty King” « The Rankin File By cliftonr
"Growing up as a Baptist it was not unusual to leave out a verse of a hymn, usually the third, prompting comedian Grady Nutt to once remark, “I am as lonely as the third verse in a Baptist hymnbook.” Our Tuesday Hymn is a prime example ..." - The Rankin File - https://cliftonr.wordpress.com/

Nov 4, 2009 - Grady Nutt Athletic Center Photo (see the sign): Grady's memory lives on in the use of the GNAC - I think he'd be quite proud of activities and use such as provided to me by Ted in this photo ... (also way to go on those Eagle ranks!)

Attached is an old Scout picture form the Grady Nutt Athletic Center at Alice Lloyd College in KY. The Scout on the right is my son.

Both of those guys are 16 now. Still active. Both are Eagle Scouts, Vigil Honor, Venture Silver, and are on staff at the 2010 NJ. Not bad for a couple of little wet kids!

Barry Goff

Grady Nutt Mention - HIGH POINTS| from El Camino Real, The Cherokeean Herald

"My cousin and I went to Jacksonville, and Grady Nutt made cowboy hats for us that instantly transformed us into real cowboys. I even got a horse, ..."

Grady Nutt BLOG Spot
! - Come share your Grady Nutt stories here!

Enjoy a "Sheepslaughs" Podcast featuring Grady Nutt (#25) -

- a meditation from Agaperos

Presentation at French Lick IN 1977:

This is the tape I have from Grady's 1977 presentation to a gathering of the North American Christian Convention in French Lick IN. It is the only Grady Nutt recording that I own that I'm sure the copyright expired long ago. Since I now have more web space, I will provide it in MP3 format over the next several months. The good news is that it contains many of Grady's great stories, the bad news is that not all parts are in the best condition. Still it's very worth listening to. Enjoy!

Great news! Jeff Krob, a big Grady Nutt fan, has provided us with revised sound files. Jeff cleaned up the files on my site using Adobe Audition 1.5 (using all of their noise cancellation) and provided them back to replace the old ones. Some tracks still have their problems but they are much improved. So below are the "old but improved" MP3 files. Thanks Jeff!

A Tribute to Grady Nutt:

This page is a small tribute to a man of God and a man of humor. Grady Nutt was, for me, one of the most profound and entertaining speakers/evangelists I've ever heard. His insight into the life and character of Jesus (and us) was unparalleled. He is best known for his role as "the preacher" from the 70's TV Show "Hee Haw," but that was only the tip-of-the-iceberg of his talent and insights. The stories above serve as a good introduction to his humor. If you like these, I hope you are able to track down a whole recording or two. I hope in some way that my Christian cartoons measure up to his insights in a visual-parable sort of way ... but no one I know put it in words as well as he did! -Rich Diesslin, Freelance Cartoonist and Illustrator, www.the-cartoonist.com

New Grady Nutt BLOG Spot! - Come share your Grady Nutt stories here!


The Nutt tribute to Grady appears to be on hold for family reasons. I don't know any of the details, but I certainly respect the family's right to privacy. Since Grady was a public man, I hope that at some point his stories are collected and made available. It would be a shame to lose his unique way of sharing the good news. In the meantime, I hope you are able to find in the aftermarket many of his recordings and other works to enjoy.

Where to get Grady Nutt Tapes and Albums:

General Interest Links:

Grady Nutt Inventory Worksheet (on the right)

New album ordering information below! {updated 3/12/01}

Lake Neuron BLOG discussing some fond memories of Grady's stories, etc.: https://lakeneuron.com/2004/07/grady-nutt/

Net-Articles mentioning Grady Nutt:

Nutt Quotes Found on the Web:

The late comedian Grady Nutt said it: "God should be a resource in the struggle, not a way around it."

As the late Southern humorist Grady Nutt always said, you know you're in Baptist country when the preachers pronounce "dance" with four syllables -- as in "daaah-E-unce-uh!"

"Openness is essentially the willingness to grow, a distaste for ruts, eagerly standing on top-toe for a better view of what tomorrow brings. A man once bought a new radio, brought it home, placed it on the refrigerator, plugged it in, turned it to WSM in Nashville (home of the Grand Ole Opry), and then pulled all the knobs off! He had already tuned in all he ever wanted or expected to hear. Some marriages are "rutted" and rather dreary because either or both partners have yielded to the tyrrany of the inevitable, "what has been will still be." Stay open to newness. Stay open to change." Grady Nutt, in Homemade, July, 1990

More Information found on Grady Nutt's Books, Tapes and Ablums:

For the Nutty acolytes who want info about "The Gospel According to Norton": It is no longer in print, but it was published in 1974 by Broadman Press, Nashville, TN. Paper, 96pp.

Grady Nutt, Family Time: A Revolutionary Old Idea (Washington, D.C.: FamilyTime Committee of the Million Dollar Round Table and the American Family Society, 1977).  This is sort of a do Cub, Boy & Girl Scout type activities at home.

Books -

  • Agaperos
  • Being Me
  • The Gospel According to Norton
  • So Good, So Far
  • Family Time: A Revolutionary Old Idea


  • All Day Singin' and Dinner on the Ground
  • The Gospel According to Pinocchio (https://youtu.be/1nxbQDPglPE)
  • Grady Nutt: the Prime Minister of Humor


  • "Mrs. Middleton Takes the Plunge"
  • "Striker Creek Practice Baptism" from All Day Singin' and Dinner on the Grounds
  • The Flip Sides of Grady Nutt

I have some tapes from some live performances, which I may be willing to trade with folks once I figure out what I can and can't make a copy of!

Grady Nutt Humor Award:

Presented to the person or group that has made the largest impact on the Gospel music industry through their use of humor. -by the Gospel Music Association.

Grady Nutt Humanities Award, University of Louisville:
{added 3/26/02}

Don't know if they still give this or not, but Univ. of Louisville was giving an award in a new area their Humanities Division, funded by Eleanor Nutt Maddox. The information is at: https://www.louisville.edu/a-s/humanities/gradnutt.html

Thanks to Carol Baker for the update!

Some other finds from Carol:

These are the archives of the Appalachia Preaching Mission, and they have several tapes of Grady. Although the archives are open for researching, I don't know if they will let you copy the tapes or not. Here is more contact info from their site: https://cass.etsu.edu/ARCHIVES/AFINDAID/a194.html

East Tennessee State University
Archives of Appalachia
Box 70295
Johnson City, TN 37614-0138
Telephone: (423) 439-4338

Other Search Engine Findings:

https://www.timvp.com/heehaw.html - Hee Haw Filmography

A Related Resource:

Dan Pratt, buddy of Grady's, lives up in Vermont or Maine somewhere, running a music education business I think. You really need to check for a used copy of his LP "The 6 O'Clock Apocalypse" -- you'd like it. -Carol

The Grady Nutt Inventory Worksheet!

Compliments of www.the-cartoonist.com

Grady Nutt Recordings

Flip Sides of Grady Nutt - 1970 Tape

Side 1
1. Opening (8.00) - Phone Call, Growing
2. Henrietta, Texas (11.24)
Side 2
1. The Tiple (5:17)
2. Jesus and the Woman at the Well (13:37)
Recorded at Ridgecrest, NC

The Prime Minister of Humor (I) - 1976 Record

Side 1
1. Introduction (1:42)
2. Oom Gawah (16:37)
3. C. D. Walker (7:03)
Side 2
1. A funeral Visit (4:40)
2. Diaper Covers (8:35)
3. Conclusion (6:10)
Recorded in 7th and James Baptist Church, Waco, TX

The Prime Minister of Humor II - Taking Notice - 1978

Side 1
1. Crazy Names (2:17)
2. The Balcony Bombardier Brigade (6:56)
3. Growing Pains (2:40)
4. First Tux (2:40)
5. The World’s Greatest Itch (9:45)
Side 2
1. Hand Bonin’ (3:10)
2. Jazz Tiple (4:38) - Moonglow, Bye Bye Blackbird
3. Friday Night Flicks (6:03)
4. The Tea Totalers (10:05)
Recorded in Abilene TX

The Grady Nutt Parables - 1979 Tape Copy

1. The Hebrew Superbowl - The Story of Samson and Delilah
2. Lion’s Club celebrity Roast - The Story of Daniel

All Day Singin’ an Dinner on the Ground - 1980 Record

Side 1
1. All Day Singin’ and Dinner on the Ground (3:06)
2. Precious Memories * (2:35)
3. Bye and Bye Medley (2:16) - In the Sweet Bye and Bye, We’ll Understand it Better Bye and Bye
4. Striker Creek Practice Baptism * (3:50)
5. Mrs. Middleton takes the Plunge * (6:44)
Side 2
1. The Church Heavy Lady * (3:04)
2. My Favorite Hymns (5:29) - In the Garden, Rock of Ages
3. Does God Have a Sense of Humor? * (1:06)
4. Brother Randall’s First Sunday * (6:52)
5. Church Boo Boo’s * (3:56) (includes public praying stories)
6. Great Hymns (3:07) - Leaning on the Everlasting Arms, I’ll Fly Away
Recorded at several churches around Tennessee

The Gospel According to Pinocchio Tape Copy

Grady Nutt Remembered Tape Copy

Precious Moments (song)
Mrs. Middleton takes the Plunge
Fun in Church
Public Prayer
Looking for a City (Intro and song) with the Kingsmen
WSM Pulling the Knobs Off (Intro)
Turn Your Radio On (song) with the Kingsmen
Another Song (Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed) with the Kingsmen
Closing: Give the World a Smile with the Kingsmen

God's Will For You

Dialogue with Dr. John Howell, Louisville Theological Seminary, on Christian Vocation

Date unknown, source unknown - probably in the late 1970s after success as a professional entertainer

TV Show Pilot (video)

Video - Introduction only

ETSU Presentaions (3)

Intro and Grady's roots
The Pledge Card at College (Amarillo, TX)
Robert Angel, Sound Sleeper
Fun in Church - Notes to Girls, Paper Airplanes
ETSU <volleyball association speech> - Weddings, Baptisms, Granny Brown
ETSU version of the Prodigal Son

Grady Nutt at French Lick, IN - 1977 Youth Convention Tape(s)

Refer to sound track on the left

Grady Nutt Retellable Stories

Crazy Names
Church Boo Boos
When the Lights Went Out on Brother Hawkins
Does God have a Sense of Humor
The Church Heavy Lady
Striker Creek Practice Baptism
Mrs. Middleton Takes the Plunge
The Tea Totallers
Jesus and the Woman at the Well
Abraham - told by Ronald Reagan

Grady Nutt's Favorite Stories from Hee Haw

They Call Me Grady Lee
Yes, I am a Reverend
Oh, to Be a Missionary
In the Hole
It's Dark Over Here
The Preacher and the Watermellon
The Quiet Quakers
The Reverend and the Prospects
Sunbathing in West Texas

Available at: www.alldaysingin.blogspot.com courtesy of Jeff McCann

Grady Nutt: Funny Stories from the Prime Minister of Humor

Put out by American Gospel, from the Benson Company in 1986. Compiled by Norman Holland.
Side A:

Introductory Remarks
When the Roll is Called up Yonder
When Chickens cross their legs
The Roast is Burning
I've an Odor?
Just a trim, please!

Side B:

Sleeping through sermons
Button, button, who's got the button
Comments on Water
Dinner on the Ground
You Can't carry me out
I found your dollar (story involving Dr. Russell Dilday)
The Odd Couple
Closing Comments

Kingsmen: Give the World a Smile

Released on Heartwarming records, 1982, is a live recording with Grady and The Kingsmen singing and sharing jokes together. It has the following songs:

Give the World a Smile
On the Jericho Road
No Tears in Heaven
Looking for a City
Practice What You Preach
Turn Your Radio On
Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross
At the Cross Medley
Give the World a Smile (reprise)

Thanks goes out to Tom Payton for this reference!

A Laugh and a Half

Roll Called Up Yonder
When Chickens Cross Legs
Roast Burning
Ivan Odor
Trim Please
Sleeping Through Sermons
Button Button
Dinner Ground
Can't Carry Me Out
I Found Dollar
Odd Couple

Thanks goes out to Roger Deem for this reference!

Books and Articles:

Agaperos Book
Being Me Book
The Gospel According to Norton Book
So Good, So Far Book
Family Time: A Revolutionary Old Idea Book
Hee Haw's Grady Nutt Article - Saturday evening post, March 1980

Links to Books and Audio Clips, etc.:

The Newly Released Grady Nutt 2 CD Collector's Set

Thanksliving - a meditation from Agaperos

1982 Give the World a Smile (with Grady Nutt) - YouTube

Whole TV pilot audio (click here - 28MB mp3)

YouTube Search for Grady Nutt (mostly audio) - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=grady+nutt&aq=f

Presentation at French Lick IN 1977:


That's it for now until I hear from you or find out more information!  To e-mail click here!

Please e-mail links and facts that you know about Grady Nutt and I will post them here.  Especially if they relate to availability of tapes, books or records.

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