The Cartoon New Testament

Cartoons and Musings on Selected Scripture from the New Testament.

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Richard L. Diesslin

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Special Note:

The Cartoon Old Testament and Cartoon Gospels were not posted until after they were completed. This will be added online as each cartoon or section is completed ... and in no particular order. Feel free to provide feedback on the Cartoon Gospels Blog as new materials are added.


The New Testament was never so much fun to read! The Cartoon New Testament contain cartoons that bring out the humor in the Bible through the use of visual parable. Jesus used parables - humorous, short, memorable stories that convey truth. Cartoons that are visual parables are simply cartoons that attempt to do the same thing ... bring out biblical meaning in a fun and memorable way. Hopefully with the help of a humorous visual aid you will see new aspects to the scriptures that may otherwise be missed. The Cartoon Gospel Series actually began as separate volumes beginning with the lectionary passages for year C (Luke and John) and expanded to years A (Matthew and John) and B (Mark and John). This book combines all three of the Cartoon Gospel Series but rather than follow the Gospel readings based on the chuch year, these are in Book - Chapter - Verse order for an easier read through each Gospel.

The Cartoon New Testament cartoons are meant to be stimulating and humorous and are based on researched interpretation. Each one is "defensible" theologically (with the exception of minor cartoonist privilege now and then), even though the point is to assist you in your own analysis of the actual scripture passage. The message with each cartoon and passage provides one or all of the following - instruction, application and meditation.

The scripture passages are from the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, since most of the original research was done from this translation. However, if you have a favorite version on the Bible, use it too! It's always interesting and informative to compare different translations of the Bible to see where they agree and differ. The Gospel scripture selections are based on Common Lectionary Readings for all three church years A, B and C (Advent to Advent).

Note: the (N#) on each scripture title represents the liturgical year (year A, B or C) and the week it is used. There are 57 possibilities within each year depending on where Easter falls for that year.

Thank you for reading The Cartoon New Testament. I hope you find that these are truly cartoons for the serious Christian.


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