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Job 7

No Good Deed Will Go Unpunished

"Do not human beings have a hard service on earth, and are not their days like the days of a laborer? 2 Like a slave who longs for the shadow, and like laborers who look for their wages, 3 so I am allotted months of emptiness, and nights of misery are apportioned to me. 4 When I lie down I say, 'When shall I rise?' But the night is long, and I am full of tossing until dawn. 5 My flesh is clothed with worms and dirt; my skin hardens, then breaks out again. 6 My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle, and come to their end without hope. 7 "Remember that my life is a breath; my eye will never again see good."

So You Had a Bad Day

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The book of Job is a magnificent work of prose and poetry basically dealing with the complex question of why bad things happen to good people. It tends to refute the prevailing conventional wisdom while at the same time never giving a direct answer to the questions it raises. If you want to be challenged and amazed, pick up a good study Bible or commentary on Job and dig into it in-depth. The few passages covered by the lectionary only scratch the surface. In this passage we see that Job is in the midst of suffering. Satan, acting as a prosecuting attorney, is basically challenging God's faith and humanity (through Job), suggesting only those that are well-off will praise God. It's noteworthy to realize that Satan is acting within God's court, not in opposition to it. Job is caught in the middle of this argument and becomes the test case (or guinea pig) to see just how far you have to push humanity before they renounce God. It's fairly clear that being the test case is not a good thing.

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