The Murals of Camp Pallatanga in Ecuador

(view/read from right-to-left)

Aley UMC Mission Trip to Pallatanga, Ecuador

In June of 2016 I traveled in a crew of 14 people, coordinated by Aley United Methodist Church, on a mission trip to Camp Pallatanga, Ecuador. Our trips focus was on two primary objectives: 1) to complete needed work at the camp and 2) to provide a medical outreach for children from the city of Pallatanga. The medical outreach evaluated children and their families as a pre-requisite for participation in Compassion International. My main objective was to paint 3 murals for their gymnasium. 

Just for some perspective, my normal "canvas" for cartooning is an 8 x 8 inch area. Each mural we painted was about 15 x 15 feet. If you are interested in the painting process, check out this link to murals_development.pdf.

There are three murals that we painted which tied into a climbing wall which was painted prior to ours. The idea was to tie into the climbing wall background while still presenting a Gospel story about God's love and grace. The main way of reading the murals is from right-to-left along the wall. If you are interested in my interpretation of the murals, check out this link murals_interpretation.pdf.

Thank you for your interest in the murals! By the way, the medical team's visit went very well as did all of our projects. In addition to the murals and the medial mission, we painted the inside and outside of the gym (about a football field surrounded by 18 foot walls), built 2 foosball tables and made curtains for the main dining hall. A very fun and productive trip for a great mission in Pallatanga, Ecuador.

If you find this interesting and want to help out Camp Pallatanga in its humanitarian and gospel mission in Ecuador, you can find out how to support Kim and Guido Orellanas (the family on mission there) through One Mission Society at If you do make a donation to them, let me know ( and I'll send you a 8.5x11" print of the murals collage below (suitable for framing) along with the artist's interpretation to go with it. Any sized donation is appreciated (just tell me you did it, not how much)!



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