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KNOTS Permissions Information

About Permissions

You have permission if:
a) you have
requested and received it OR
b) you have purchased the CD and meet the copyright permission requirements.
Web use is granted for the link only, please do not copy the graphic onto your website

For permission to use KNOTS cartoons in your Newsletter or web site, please e-mail me!

Newsletter Use

I usually grant permission for local Boy Scout Troops, Packs, Gilwell Gazettes and OA Lodges, to use the cartoons in their hardcopy newsletter if it is strictly non-profit, non-advertising, non-commercial. When I grant permission just include "used with permission" in the cartoon by-line. (e.g., KNOTS Cartoon by Rich Diesslin, used with permission).

Web Use

Permission is often granted for local troop and pack web site use (see above). If permission is granted via CD purchase or request, the link provided on each cartoon's page may be posted on your web site. Only the link may be used. This allows you to reference specific cartoons while still accomplishing my goal of keeping USScouts.org and my web (the-cartoonist.com) site as the primary sources of the cartoons on web search engines, etc. Thanks in advance for your assistance on this!

Better yet BUY THE CD and Get Photo-Ready Color and B/W Cartoons and Permissions (and free bonus materials)!

Other Use

Organizations, magazines or merchandisers interested in KNOTS cartoons, e-mail me for terms and pricing. Refer to this licensing link for further information.

Thanks for respecting my copyrights ... only in scouting does it work so well!!!!

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