Children's Book Illustration

Some Characters that are Appropriate for Children's Stories
Free Download for Babies below (click here)

Black and White Cartoons Used for Coloring at a Local Children's Hospital

Excerpt from a conceptual storyboard of a Jimmy Buffet Song "Song for the Children" (below)

Free Gift for Parents of young babies! Young babies like to look at faces and symetrical objects
as well as Black and Red. Instructions: 1) Print on card stock, 2) laminate and round all the edges and 3) only use while the child is
being supervised. If unsupervised, she/he might advance at too accelerated of a rate, resulting in early college payments.

Download and Print!

Proof of Concept -- Abigail, the amazingly advanced child of 2 weeks, is shown here in the middle of a
long staring session with the symetical red and black patterns and faces! Afterwards her Father was sure he
heard her say E = mc squared.

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