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Weiner Dog with a Sharks Fin
Halloween - Zombie Vegans
Male Nurse Shark Gender Role Confusion
Dog Realtors
Pop-up Camper Set-up Problems
Rocket Science
Why T-Rex does not like volleyball
Penguin Police Line-up Problems
Tim Ellis Cartoon about Christmas Magi and Starwars Jedi
Elf and Rudolph GPS Present
Moostache Wax - Cow Mustache
Dogs vs. Vacuum Cleaner
Hammerhead Shark at the Eye Doctor
Zephaniah 1 7 18 Battle of Evermore Bible stairway to heaven led zeppelin
Sorry No Unicorns
Dentist Suction
Pluto Loses Planet Status
Little Drummer Boy Noise Control
Shark Bedtime Stories
Dentist X-Rays
Penguin Identity Crisis
Merry Christmas - Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Mankind
Graduation cartoon with fish
Eye Doctor - Glaucoma Test
Elephant Without Memory
Choir - How Great Thou Arrrrrrrt
Kevin Edler Cartoon about Santa and OSHA for Christmas
A redneck christmas eve Santa snack including beer and jerky
Eye Chart Word Search - Visit to the Eye Doctor
Holiday Commercials that Didnt Make It
Jesus - Water Skiing
Dentist Speak
Mickey Goes Goofy
Pig Funeral - SPAM
Dragon Kids
The Trace Adkins Diets
Sea Otter Sour Grapes
Gecko Insurance Gone Wild
Halloween - Zombie Restaurant Warnings
Coyote Sues ACME
Top Acupuncturist
VAL - Santa Exercise Program
Silent Night, Holy Night
Cow Country Club - Golf
Popeye Support Group
Snail Orders Escargot
Halloween - Zombies are Invited to Michael Jacksons Party
Dog Meets Skunk
Cows in a Twister
Horseshoe Crab Game of Choice
The Frog And The Bartender
Doctor Squirrel MD
Popeye The Philosopher
Early Bathroom Reading
Crow Answering Machines
Zombie Whose Line is it Anyway
How NOT to Dock a Houseboat
School Of Neurology
Noah and Bill Cosby
Cow Vault
Snowman Police Line-up
Noah and the Girrafes
VAL Cartoon about Gift Card Giving for Christmas
Porcupine Meets Horseshoe Crab - love at first sight
Pastor Prepares for His New Church
Medical Second Opinion for Prostate Exam
Sean Boley Cartoon about Santa and Video Games for Christmas
Cow Pies
Doggie Bottled Water
Luther - Hitting the Nail on the Head
Larry Miller Cartoon about Holiday Overlap for Christmas
Jeremiah 23:1-6 Accounting Sheep Bible
Ira Monroes Pig Eating a Fruitcake
Bears Kayaking
Foot and Shoe Relationship
Udder Chaos - Cow Food Fight
Fish Ordering Pizza without Anchovies
Salmon Spawning Advice
Manure Happens
Fishing with God
T-Rex Mobile Cell Phone and Texting or Trexting
Sneakiest Bull Shark Ever - Toilet Attack
T-Rex Dining as is dinosaurs eating out
Genesis 3:8-19 The Blame Game - Adam and Eve
Jesus - Feeding the 5,000
Fish Musing
Computer Log In
Penguins attempt to go to a seagull party
Cow Guru - Cow Incidents
Wicked Witch and Golf
Nativity Animals, Mary and Joseph and the Stable
Mind in the Gutter - Bowling
Nerd Dating and Lava Lamps
Snowman Motivational Seminar
Bill Felkman Vegetarian Safari Hunter
GPS Navigation and the Three Wisemen
X-Ray Overdose
Print of a Turkey Referee
Dog Fire Hydrant Discussions - Cell Phones
Larry Millers Small Train Set
Training the Dog to Fetch Pizza
Dentist Visit and Flossing
Hells Fire Department
Fishbowl Hard Hat Diver Aerator Pose
San Diego Kangaroo Rat - Extinct
Triple Sock Cow
Pastor Problems with Clown Ministry
Russian Food Pyramid
Sheep Discuss Christmas
Bad Christmas Present Idea - Funniest Home Videos
Cow Angel
Pavlovs Dog Begging
Problems with Christmas Caroling
Wheelchair Christmas Tree
Bear Cafeteria
Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks
Sabellianism - Gods Workbench
The Domino Republic
Movie Theater Snacks
Cat Courtesy - a.k.a. Kitty Litter Privacy
Doughboy Off His Medications Turns Violent
The Mighty Shark and the Meek Remora
Halloween - Zombie Punch and the Religious Visitors
The Colonoscopy 3000 XL Probe
Why Giraffes Make Bad Neighbors - No Privacy
Farmer Joes Soybean Maze
Cold Penguin Problem
The Invention of Bagpipes also known as Hide Your Cats
Matthew 2:1-12 The wise men try to follow the stars with Carl Sagan
Peter - Fishers of Men
Typical Tech Support Departments
In The Cookie Jar Again
Ten Gallon Cowboy Hat
Penn and William Teller
Dog Not Playing Fetch
Procrastination Theater Presents - Possum
Larry Miller - Reindeer and Tacos
Geese non-conformists
Mothers Day guppy love
Party Pooper
Murphy s Law Bed
Oyster Runs Pearl Jewelry Shop
Mark 1:14-20 Discipleship 101 - Peter Fishing for People
Moose-Stache or Moose Mustache
Oncologist NOT on-call-ogist
Pediatrician (not Podiatrist)
Some People Who Should Not Go Hiking
The problems with change ala Carter and Obama
Heavenly Angels Question and Answer - Its All Good
Halloween - Zombie Trick or Treat
Buzzards Reflect on Pizza - Its Not Carrion Its DiGiorno
Novice Skiers Fatal Mistake Taking a Double Black Diamond
A Pig Is Still A Pig After Cosmetic Surgery
Parable - Camel Through the Eye of a Needle
Lobster Bad Vacation Spots
Mailman Driving Dyslexia
Cat Car Rides
Fish why did the chicken cross the road joke
Books on Tape
Cowzan of the Apes
Strength in Numbers
Jesus Fishing with Peter - Hook, Line and Sinker
Dentistry Marketing Schemes
Not Much Glamour In Running Noah s Ark
Ignatius - St. Ignatius Brand Cat Food
Irenaeus - Studies At the Feet of Polycarp
Alligator Buffets
Cuddlefish In Their Natural Environment
Pastor Privacy and Interruption Issues
Crab Bar Pick-up Lines
Bald Eagle Wig - Youre not Fooling Anybody
Exodus 16:2-15 Are We There Yet Bible 40 years forty years directions men God desert
Karate Head Break or Joe Posthumous Advances to the next Rank
Doctor Whoo the owl
High Tornado Areas on Other Planets Trailer Parks
Isaiah 65:17-25 Cheese Tofu Bugers in Paradise Bible earth heaven paradise wolf sheep lamb lion
Tire Shop Stupid Question
Larry Miller - Santa Clause using Spray Lube on Chimneys at Christmas
Luke 24:13-35 - On the Road to Emmaus
Turkey Tries a Peacock Disguise for the Holidays
Useless Add-ons - compact car with spoiler, wiener dog with sharks fin
Youth Pastor Ear Ring and Tattoo Peer Pressure - Popeye and Mr. Clean Parody
Eveready Bunny No Longer Charged With Battery
Barter Collies
Deism - Gods Third Grade Science Fair Project
Pastor Telestrator
Jesus - On a Mission from God
Graduation Day at the Hair Club for Men
Dog Car Rides
Fathers Day discussion between mother and son
Curiosity Killed the Cat
Osama Sore Loser on American Idol
Mother-in-Law Recycling
Lils Yoga - Now Hiring - All Positions
VAL - Santa Security Checkpoint
Rocking Horse
Skunk Trouble
Wright Brothers - the Early Years
Rorschach Sham
Neighborhood Watch
Basic Training
Jacuzzi Baptistry
Aquinas - Sumo Theologica
Jesus and the Lost Sheep
Cow Pies
Spider Darwin Awards Vacuum Cleaner Bug Trap
Kevin Edler Cartoon with a Snowman and Rabbit
Hippie Funeral Rest in Peace
GPS in Outer Space
T-Rex Pet Issue - Mood Swings
If Childrens Television Taught Optometry
Larry Miller Santa Ushers in the New Year
Raccoons preparing with coffee for a long night of tent foraging
Dracula looks into Life Insurance and his actuarial force of mortality
Luke 10:38-42 - The Right Choice with Jesus, Mary and Martha
Surgeons Scrubs Turn Out to Be a Choir Robe
Fish Food - Life in an Aquarium
Halloween - Frankenstein is Not a Zombie
Pastor Team Building Ideas
Casket Catastrophy
Dinosaur Failed Volcano Offsets Program
Nerd Apparel
Christmas Jewelry Store Advertisements
Air Conditioner Repair in Hell
Problems at Greenpeace - Whale
Famous Duck at the Eye Doctor
Fathers Day with Dr Frankenstein and his monster
Fathers Day with a Black Widow Spider and Preying Mantis
Kevin Edler Cartoon about Garbage Collection at Christmas
Hardware Store Mens Prayer Group
Halloween - Zombie Survivor Game Shows
Churchs Tendency to Go Informal and Coffee
Wifi in Hell
The Christmas Squid - Department Store Santa
Dale Hunts Child Asking Santa for a 401k for Christmas
Modern Elephant Phobias Afraid of a Laptop Mouse
Genesis 9:8-17 Gods Yellow Sticky Notes Bible post it notes rainbows covenant
Genesis 17 Easy to Hide Impossible to Deny Bible - circumcision covenant rainbow
Beavers Bad Day
Isaiah 11:1-10 Counting Sheep Bible lion lamb wolf bear cow leopard kid etc sleep
Joes Vet and Taxidermy Where You Always Get Your Pet Back
Clam Bake Hot Tub
CPR Training which does not encourage homemade AEDs
Zombie Auto Mechanic Practical Jokes
A Male Approach to Changing a Poopy Diaper aka Daddy Diaper Duty
Whale Shark Thoughts as snorklers swim all around
Snowman in a Hot Tub - Bad Idea
A Taco Tuesday Tragedy - Running out of Toilet Paper
Tyrannosaurus Rex Game of Choice - Ping Pong
If Indy Racing Cars Had GPS
Ice Curling Popularity Peaks after the Winter Olympics
Zombie Scout Menu Planning - KNOTS Summer Camp Zombie Apocalypse
Go with the Flow - Jellyfish is the Ocean Current
More Effective Deer or Moose Crossing Sign
Luke 18:9-14 - The Tortoise and the Hare
A More Likely Scenario from a Radioactive Spider Bite
Stubborn Science and the Male Seahorse Dilemma
Flying Squirrel reaction to Base Jumpers
Theistic evolution with fish appreciating its hands and feet
Isaiah 61:1-4 Isaiahs Gospel the Prequel Bible mission statement proclaiming the good news
Jeremiah 31:31-34 Two Tablets for Your Heart Bible
Ruth 2:1-13 I Barley Know the Girl Bible Boaz
Genesis 6:9-22 What Will the Neighbors Say Bible
Nelson Deweys Reindeer Powered Santa Dragster Sleigh
Simple Nativity Wins Neighborhood Christmas Display Contest
Giant African Land Snail Escapes
Halloween - Zombie on Atkins Diet
Frankenstein s Meunster
Catherine of Siena - Im Mortified
Pirates Use the Treasure Principal
Jesus - Read Any Good Books Lately
God Id Needed at Video Check-Out
Country Club Churches
Tillich - To Be or Not To Be
Holy Spirit - Paraclete
Peter - Light Under a Bushel Basket
VAL Cartoon about an E-Bay Christmas
Christmas Electronic Store Advertisements
Ira Monroe about Santas E-Mail for Christmas
Mothers Day with a child penguin trying to find mom
Ducks in a Row - Death Row
Funeral For A Cat with apologies to elton john
Kevin Edler, Kitten in an Ornament
Wheeler Shark Tank
Ira Monroe - Santa and Hypoglycemia
Ira Monroe - Santa and Mule Deer
Assault with a Deadly Weapon - Slug
Cow Bomb
Parsley Sage Rosemary and Time
VAL Cartoon about Christmas Shopping and Debt
Buzzard Carry-In Dinner
Rorshach Ink Blot Wallpaper
Gas Mask Use in Iraq
Turkeys at a Vegetarian Restaurant
Butter Business Bureau
Department of Motor Vehicles - Organ Donor Program
Fish Tank
Drive-Through Church
Death Applies for a Seminary Job
Jesus - God is Number One
Jesus - Yo Dad Im Home
John the Baptist - Pass the Locust Honey
Pathetic Losers Class
Thomas Akempis - The Tortise and the Hare
When Fish Run Bait Shops
Are Fish Really Brain Food
Cat Eat Mouse Worldwide Inc
Persian Toupees -Rugs-
Moses Tolerates God s Humor
Grounded Pilot Whales
Halloween - Zombie Practical Jokes - Clinton and Nixon Masks
Ira Monroes Grateful Holiday Turkey
Giant Squid in the Sink
Larry Miller - Santa Takes Advantage of His Diving Lessons
Ruth 3 - I Heard it Through the Grape Vine Bible Boaz barley harvest wine threshing floor Eve
Ruth 1:1-19 Through Thick and Thin Bible Ruth Naomi Eve determination dedication
Numbers 27:12-23 Your Moment of Zin Bible nun Joshua Moses zin zen
1st Kings 21:1-2, 17-21 Thar She Blows Bible Elijah king ahab captain Ahab harpoon white whale
Hosea 2:14-20 Israel at the Dentist Bible dentist Israel baals flossing
Matthew 25:31-46 sheep and goat metaphor
Mark 8:27-38 Opinion Poll - Magic 8 Ball and the Survey
Crocodile Rock
Rhesus or Reeses Monkey - laboratory dilemmas
Luke 15:1-10 - Sheepish with Jesus and the lost sheep
Life in a Fishbowl - a Look at Divorce
Things Your Barber Can Say that Your Dentist Should Not
How Lassie and Tinkles React to Timmy Being Trapped in a Well
Ski Fall - Pay Attention When Skiing Close to the Edge of a Run
Bunny Does not Like His Beer Hoppy
Whale Shark Love
Camping - Great Fire
Why Not to Flush a Train Toilet while Sitting on It
Bald Advantages No. 3 - More villain parts in movies
The Lesser Known Town of Butt Montana
Zombie Fitness Watch
Rejected inspirational story ending about starfish on the beach and a squid
Casting the Next Superhero Movie
Superheros Do Not Age Well
Invisible Man Internet Dating and Web Catfishing
Fish Summer Break or what fish do during their school break
Houseboat Pirate on a Recreational Lake
Ridiculous Airline Baggage Fees
Mark 11:1-11 Donkey Duty - James and John and the Donkey
Airline Safety - Fasten Your Seat Belt
Fishbowl Fish fish suggesting marbles as a fun game to play - again and again
Eelton John the piano player
Matthew 14:13-21 Jesus cooks up some bread
Habakkuk 1:1-2 4 Habakkuks Very Bad Day Bible intercom whining prophets God
Snakes the asp family - dumb, fat, smart, jack, and wise asp
Malachi 4:1-6 A Prophets Job is Never Done - Bible Elijahs return cakes recipe
Nehemiah 8:1-10 Its All Greek to Me - Bible, Ezra, law, Zorro, sword
1st Samuel 2:18-20 Sam I Am - Bible Eli Elkanah Hannah Adam Eve God
1st Samuel 3:1-20 Knock Knock Whos There - Bible Gods Call knock knock joke Adam Eve temple
Isaiah 7:10-15 Breakfast of Champions - Bible curds and honey cheerios cereal immanuel breakfast
Deuteronomy 30:15-20 Great Comedy Teams of BC - Moses and Jack Benny Bible your money or your life
Genesis 3:1-7 How I Met Your Mother - Bible garden of eden Adam Eve sign astrology
1st Samuel 16:14-23 Israeli Idol Bible American Idol David sheep Randy Paula Simon Adam and Eve