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U.S. Military and the Coalition Troops!!!

These cartoons are but a small way in which to cheer you on ...

Osama Bin Served.

Here's a great tribute to our troops from someone on YouTube

The Future of Warfare - Miranda Rights? I don't think so!

8-30-04 - Just some military humor in general!

11/15/03 - We need to be vigilant here too, but best wishes in your search in Iraq!
I was close ... we found him in another hole <g>!

10/03 - Shame on the losers that set the fires in San Diego!!!

Why some commander-in-chiefs should not try to land on aircraft carriers!

4/7/03 - With US Troops Less than 1 Mile Away,
the Iraqi Information Minister Went into Misinformation Overdrive!
All through this talk, I was waiting for a U.S. soldier to walk
into the background, wave and say "Hi Mom!"
Since everyone seems to like this guy, I moved this cartoon to the top
even though it's not the most recent. This guy was a hoot!

Home town boy? How quickly they forget!

Let's hope this party is over.

And to think we ruined a perfectly good steak!

Okay, I have trouble sleeping on a scout campout, I can't imagine weeks
in the dessert sleeping for 4 hours at a time and no showers! You guys are tough!

Freedom Fries Anyone? There was no question that it was France, Germany and
Russia that had too much money tied up in Iraq to support what needed to be done.

RE: PETA Protests Use of Dolphins to Identify Mines
... Yes They ARE Nuts!

american graffiti
American Pie!

The War on Terrorism:

Yes We Still Remember 9/11 and Other Acts of Terrorism!

Remember the speech ... "Osama, You Can Kiss My Royal Irish ..."
Well that Goes for Saddam as Well (... and I'm not even Irish)!

The Rest of the Story ... (but that's Still Not a Good Excuse)!

'Nuff Said!

The new super heros ...
A Tribute to Our Non-Military Heros!

Of Course, Terrorists Come in Many Different Guises!

Support Our Troops!
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 Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of freedom - protecting ours and enabling it for the Iraqi people. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by the vast majority of Americans. Our hearts and hopes are with you. If these cartoons have helped to energize you for your tasks ahead then they have served their purpose! If you have the band-width and time, I've listed some other sites for your viewing pleasure. May God be with you and may enduring freedom and peace be our long-term goal! Good luck, stay safe and Godspeed! -Rich

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