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Current Officers:

President: Master Gene Idol
Vice President: Ernest Osborn
Treasurer: Jim Nicholas
Secretary: Nader Hendizadeh
Test Coordinator: Rebecca Latham


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Long Time YC Kim BBS Member Obituary:

Sad news as we found out recently that Al Wolf has died. The Legacy.com article below. 


We want to extend our deepest condolences to the Malinda and the entire Wolf family. The YCKim BBs is making a donation to the Rail Passengers Association in his memory.

We will miss you Al!


Here's the donation link to Rail Passengers in case anyone would like to make a donation in honor of Al! They have an option to make donations in honor of someone their donation page. It seems to be a simple process. There is a link to their website down below.

Stand Up for A Connected America! | Rail Passengers Association | Washington, DC 



TKD Class Update:

Hello everyone... the Kettering Y class will officially start back up today. Things will be different for a while but I am pleased that we will be able to resume in some capacity and things should get better from this point forward.

Please note the following requirements for getting the class started again:

1. The Y is currently closing at 8:00pm, so that impacts our timing a bit.

2. For the next few months or so, we will have the Leighman room for our class from 6:00pm to 7:45pm.

3. We will not be able to get in the Leighman room before 6:00pm due to other classes being scheduled before ours.

4. For now, our regular class will meet from 6:00pm to 7:10pm.

5. We will have to maintain the 6 foot distance rule.

6. A total of 21 people will be allowed in the room at one time. The Y has spots marked on the floor for students to stand.

7. No spectators / parents are allowed in the room.

8. You will need to wear a mask when entering the Y and have your temperature checked before you are allowed to enter.

9. For students wearing a mask while working out in the class is your choice. For instructors you can only take off the mask if you are at the front of the room leading the class, have your 6 feet of distance, and you can’t adequately address the class with your mask on.

10. If as an instructor needs to get closer than 6 feet to help a student, they will have their mask on.

11. Sharing equipment is not allowed so or the near term we will not be using traditional targets.

This situation is not ideal, but it's a step in the right direction. Please keep in mind that the social distancing is a requirement for us being able to hold the class. Students who cannot observe the rules will not be allowed to participate.

Registration for the class will be more limited due to the class size restriction. I have asked the Y not to register any new students until all continuing students who would like to return to class have been registered, so please register quickly if you are interested.

Please share this with your fellow students.

Mr. Osborn


2020 Test Schedule

All testing is at the Kettering YMCA unless otherwise indicated:

  • Coming ASAP

In the Meantime the Kettering YMCA has suspended the Tae Kwon Do classes until further notice:



 Out-to-Lunch Cartoon
(used with permission from Rich Diesslin)

Frankenstein's Monster Learning Karate! Hi-Ya!

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