Wright State University Administration's Hard Line to Staff and Faculty

I rarely do editorial cartoons, but this is one I have pretty good knowledge of, so I did one! And I signed a petition on Action Network telling President Cheryl Schrader and WSU Board of Trustees to I Stand with Wright State Faculty related to the upcoming 2018 contract negotiations.

The attempt by the union to bargain in good-faith was rejected by the WSU Board and President, so it has gone to a strike. I really believe the union has been sincere in it's efforts and is simply trying not to slide backwards by 5-10% considering they are already one of the lower compensated faculties in Ohio.

Playing hardball and misinformation by the adminstration is making it hard to get a clear picture of the process and local news is not equipped to do any investigative reporting. Of the information coming from both sides in this dispute, I find the union's to be reliable and accurate, while the adminstration continues to spin, play fast-and-loose with the numbers and otherwise misinform and threaten the students for whom they pretend is their main concern. What put WSU in the poor financial position is doing exactly the opposite. The financial woes had nothing to do with educating students, but rather all kinds of other extra-curricular projects and realestate deals that were not directly related to teaching.

At any rate the web sites to follow in the are:

The board chairman that clearly doesn't understand the mission of a 4-year university:

Prepared for media by the AAUP, but anyone might find it useful to share with those who are confused or curious: https://aaup-wsu.org/background-on-wright-states-budget-issues/

AAUP-WSU Twitter: @aaupwsu and #fighting4Wright

Students for Faculty Twitter: #studentsforfaculty and #students4faculty


I actually Marched with the Teachers/Faculty today (1/29/18) in the very cold windy weather but it is definitely worth it. The Faculty is a very nice, motivated group with a very real set of concerns for the future of their University. This is my home-made poster I used (a little worse for the wear). Enjoy...

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