The Cartoon New Testament

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The Cartoon New Testament

The Cartoon New Testament is a commentary that explores scripture passages from the common lectionary through the use of cartoons and musings. The passages are in biblical order by book, chapter and verse. The lectionary three-year cycle is referenced at the end of the book. However, the Gospels are included in a separate book entitled The Cartoon Gospels.

Why cartoons? A cartoon is somewhat like a visual form of parable. A parable is a short and engaging story with a message. The idea behind a parable is that the listener will enjoy it enough to remember it and retell it to others (just think if they had e-mail back then!). There are parables in both the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and New Testament, perhaps none more well known than those told by Jesus in the Gospels. Humor, in general, goes a long way toward illustrating a point, often more effectively than serious discourse. Adam and Eve provide a running commentary at the bottom of each cartoon, and are a way to provide context for the cartoons. Adam and Eve were selected because of their unique place in human history. In addition, cartoonist’s privilege is used, which simply means that silly things like time, space, history, etc. are all there to distort and play with tongue-in-cheek. The “musings” section provides some extra context. The goal is to deliver maximum insight in minimum space.

Reading through the New Testament can be tedious and daunting at times, but this cartoon-based commentary is fun, entertaining and informative. Here are just a few of the things you might learn from this book: Is John a hippie? Was Peter, Paul and Mary a biblical singing group? How does Barnabas get mistaken for Zeus? Can Paul heal with his thumb? How does Paul show his Roman citizenship? Why does Paul like armor so much? What is the donut exemption? Why does death Suck? Is pizza spiritual? Why do animals like Christianity? Does Peter write with a fish? Do sheep really get lost easily? Why do Peter and John like candle light? Do Paul and John agree on the importance of love? Does Jesus like surf boards? Is the lamb of God adorable?

January 2023

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