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Out to Lunch Cartoons
Useless Add-Ons!

November 2014, Diesslin Press
ISBN: 978-0-9848872-6-2
Color Paperback Book $17.95
Amazon.Com / CreateSpace.Com

Color Kindle eBook $2.99

Out to Lunch
Animal Cartoons

February 2013 Diesslin Press
ISBN: 978-0-9848872-2-4
b/w Paperback Book $9.95
Color Kindle eBook $2.99

Full Color Deluxe Paperback $17.95

And the Final Answer Is ...?

by William P. Anderson,
Illustrated by Rich Diesslin
November 2015 Diesslin Press
ISBN: 9780984887279
Paperback Book $9.95
Amazon.Com / CreateSpace.Com

Kindle ebook $4.99

Out to Lunch
                    Book Cover
Out to Lunch - Cartoons with an Appetite for the Ridiculous!

February 2012

Full Color Kindle eBook Version - $2.99
Amazon ISBN: 0984887210
B/W Paperback Version - $9.95
Amazon.Com or CreateSpace.Com
ISBN: 978-0984887217

The Cartoon Old Testament eBook

June 2011
Order today!

Kindle eBook $6.99

B/W Paperback Version $14.95
Amazon.Com / CreateSpace

Full-Color Paperback $29.95
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Cartoon Old Testament on CD! $20

KNOTS Cartoons
Full Color Paperback Book!

June 1999 - September 2010
Releases: April 15, 2010
Order today!
ISBN: 978-0-9702244-8-4

Paperback List Price: $12.95
SALE: $9.95

Kindle eBook $6.99
(click here)

ISBN 0-9702244-6
16 Years of Knots Cartoons!
June 1999 - December 2015!
Special Price: $19
Cartoons from Collection on CD!
Includes the KNOTS Cartoons eBook.
Free Shipping!

e-Book Two Pack!
 CD Cover
Cartoon Ten

Bible Commentary
October 2000
ISBN 0-9702244-2-7
DiesslinPress, E-Book on CD
Kindle eBook
Joseph: A Tale
of Two Traditions

Bible and Koran Commentary
February 2007
ISBN 978-0-9702244-7-7
DiesslinPress, E-Book on CD

CD - Price: $15 (Free Shipping)
ebook - Full Color eBook (pdf): $2.99
Cartoon Gospels 4 on 1 CD
(all green highlighted ebooks) for $29.95

The Cartoon Gospel of John
The Cartoon Gospel of John
ISBN 0-87946273-6

Price $12.95
ACTA:Chicago Sept 2004
Full-Color Paperback, p128
Free Shipping!
CD Cover
The Cartoon Gospels

Entire Series  (Years A,B,C)
in Book/Chap./Verse order!
Matthew, Mark, Luke & John
September 2002
ISBN 0-9702244-5-1
CD $20 (Free Shipping)
eBook (pdf) $6.99
Kindle eBook $6.99

CD Cover
Cartoon Gospel of Luke

Lectionary Year C Order
Fall 2000
ISBN 0-9702244-1-9

CD $15 (Free Shipping)
eBook (pdf) $2.99
Kindle eBook $2.99

CD Cover
Cartoon Gospel of Mark

Lectionary Year B Order
September 2002
ISBN 0-9702244-4-3

CD $15 (Free Shipping)
eBook (pdf) $2.99
Kindle eBook $2.99

CD Cover
Cartoon Gospel of Matthew

Lectionary Year A Order
October 2001
ISBN 0-9702244-3-5

CD $15 (Free Shipping)
eBook (pdf) $2.99
Kindle eBook $2.99

A Journey Through
Christian Theology
- The Book

March 2010, Price: $39
Augsburg Fortress
ISBN: 9780800696979

The Journey Color Cartoons CD
is also Available for $15 (click here)
(Free Shipping)

The New Classics
21st Century Comic Strips

November 2012
Ink Bottle Syndicate
ISBN: 978-1481143738
Book $14.95
eBook $7.99

The Comic Book of Luke
January 2014 Diesslin Press
ISBN: 978-0-9848872-5-5
Kindle Color eBook: $2.99


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