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KNOTS Scout Cartoons II
All Tied Up in Knots!
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KNOTS Scout cartoons originated when I was talking with fellow scouter Mike Bowman about our time working together on camp staff at Cary Camp in Indiana (yes in the last century). At the time he was one of the key people at the U.S. Scouting Service Project, an independent website dedicated to providing all kinds of great resources to scouting units. Once he found out I was a cartoonist he suggested that perhaps I should do a scout cartoon promoting the fun in scouting. So from his great idea Knots or Nots Scout Cartoons (just “KNOTS” for short) was born.

The original concept was to create funny situations that you would not do or not find in scouting (sort of humorous opposites). Very quickly it evolved into a more general cartoon format, sometimes a “nots” cartoon and other times just a fun scout related cartoon. This second KNOTS book is a collection of over 165 cartoons in one place for your viewing pleasure. The first book, KNOTS CARTOONS Celebrating the Fun in Scouting, spans monthly cartoons from June of 1999 to September of 2010. This book goes from October 2010 to December of 2021. Shameless plug: all of the cartoons are on my website, So if you like a cartoon and would like a t-shirt, coffee mug or other merchandise with that cartoon on it, that’s the place to do it!

The base of operations for KNOTS cartoons is Kamp Knots and it has young scouts (Jr. Knots Scouts), older scouts (Knots Scouts), leaders and more. Jr. Knots Scouts, Knots Scouts, Kamp Knots, and the rest, are all fictitious creations used to illustrate the fun, values and adventures of the worldwide scouting movement. There is no affiliation with any actual scouting organization of any kind. Any similarities to existing scouting or other organizations are merely coincidental. If you would like your son or daughter to have a great time, learn great values and have some great adventures, then encourage them to join scouts!

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoy cartooning and scouting! Feel free to e-mail me and/or visit my website at!

Yours In Scouting,
Rich Diesslin
Cartoonist and Eagle Scout

KNOTS Cartoons Cartoons II
All Tied Up in Knots!

First Printing January 2023
ISBN: 978-0984887286

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