The New Classics - 21st Century Comic Strips

The New Classics - 21st Century Comic Strips

ISBN: 978-1481143738, Publication Date: 11/15/2012, 500+ cartoons!

Are you a big fan of newspaper comics, or do you know somebody who is? Then this might just be the book you've been looking for. The New Classics - 21st Century Comic Strips. It is 292 e-pages and includes eight pages of comic strips each from 36 incredible cartoonists. That's over 500 comics!

Here are the comic strips included in this collection: That Monkey Tune, Hara Kiwi, Tundra, Hoxwinder Hall, Out to Lunch, Half Baked, Hollyweird, Dingers, The Deep End, Fortune Street, Imagine That, Ralf the Destroyer, Percenters, Karma Cafe, Funny Paper, Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz, Biz, Loose Parts, Sunshine State, Future Shock, 15 Minutes, Frank & Steinway, Pop Culture Shock Therapy, Squid Row, Holy Mole, Funday Morning, Creek, Eek!, Against the Grain, Cranky Girl, Spectickles, The Doozies, Tastes Like Chicken, Spot the Frog, Film @ Eleven, and Pokeweed.

Over 30 Cartoonists: Michael Kandalaft, Steven Degryse, Chad Carpenter, Daniel Boris, Rich Diesslin, Mark Simon, Ken Schotsch, Alan Campbell, Tyson Cole, Randy McIlwaine, Brian Martin, Scott Lincoln, Bill Abbott, Richard Cross, Dan Collins, Werner Wejp-Olsen, DaveBlazek, Graham Nolan, Jim and Pat McGreal, Rob Duckett, Wil Panganiban, Doug Bratton, Bridgett Spicer, Rick Hotton, Brian Martian, Scott Nickel, Ron Therien, Crystal Jones, Tom Gammill, Josh Alves, Mark Heath, Geoff Hassing, and Drew Pocza.


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