Out to Lunch Cartoons - Useless Add-Ons!
Cartoon Book and eBook


This book is a collection of Out to Lunch weekly cartoons from the last few years. It is the third in an ongoing series of OTL cartoon books and is available as a full-color paperback or kindle ebook.

Here are some burning questions about animals you might find answered in this book ...

* Can an armadillo and a pill bug find true love?
* How do you wash a cat?
* What do cows do when they can't get up?
* What does the fox say?
* What do horses think about snooty coffee joints?
* Can a moose grow a mustache?
* Why don't ostriches eat at fancy restaurants?
* What really makes angry birds angry?
* Why aren't rhinos trained as helper animals?
* How smart is a giant squid?
* Why do bald guys get all the villain roles?
* What happens when batman goes to the bar?
* What is a robot high school graduation like?
* What happens when superheroes grow older?
* Just how smart are smart cars?
* Do zombies date?
* What is the Trace Adkins Diet?
* What's the real inspiration for bagpipes?
* Does the Dr. Banner (aka the Hulk) get regular prostate exams?
* Why is it hard to work with zombie mechanics?
* What happens during fish school summer break?
* Does science experiment with chocolate monkeys?
* When should you give a car as a Christmas present?
* Why did a little girl throw starfish back into the ocean?
* What would be a good motivating tool for teachers to use?
* What can you say in baseball that you can't say about your dog?
* In what year will script OHIO no longer be possible?
* What if Timmy had a cat instead of a dog (aka Lassie)?
... and much, much more .....

Out to Lunch Cartoons - Useless Add-Ons!
November 2014, Diesslin Press ISBN: 978-0-9848872-6-2
Color Paperback Book $17.95

Color Kindle eBook $2.99

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