Out to Lunch Animal Cartoons Book


Out to Lunch (OTL) Cartoons takes an exclusive look at animals. This collection contains over 155 cartoons, including some bonus cartoons from some of Rich's other projects.

Here are some burning questions about animals you might find answered in this book ...

* What's an aardvark worth on the black market?
* Is there a vampire generation gap?
* Can vampires use their cell phones in flight?
* If the early bird gets the worm, what does the late bird get?
* Do beavers have bad days?
* What happens if the Coyote sued ACME?
* How do bugs celebrate Mother's Day?
* Do buzzards like greenbean casserole and pizza?
* Do animals like car rides?
* What's the real inspiration for bagpipes?
* Do cats go to heaven?
* Do cats like privacy?
* What is a cow's favorite winter Olympic event?
* Why don't people like cow pies?
* Do crocodiles really rock?
* Do dogs have access to answering machines?
* Can Lassie help Timmy in rehab?
* Can you teach a dog to fetch Pizza?
* Why don't elephants like computers?
* Do fish ever graduate?
* If a princess kisses a frog will it really turn into a handsome prince?
* How smart do you need to be to track an elephant?
* Why don't ostriches like eating at fancy restaurants?
* Do sheep sometimes suggest unusual military strategies?
* ... and much, much more .....

Out to Lunch Animal Cartoons
February 2013,

Full Color Deluxe Paperback $17.95 ISBN: 978-1484030363

B/W Paperback Book $9.95 ISBN: 978-0-9848872-2-4

Color Kindle eBook $2.99

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