T-Rex Goes Out to Lunch Cartoons
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T-Rex Goes Out to Lunch

Over the past 20+ years T-Rex and other dinosaurs were frequent fodder for my cartoons, and this book puts them all in one place. It is the fourth in an ongoing series of OTL cartoon books. It's hard not to have fun with the mighty T-Rex, mostly due to his itty-bitty arms, giant head and bad attitude. So OTL cartoons pays tribute to the king of the dinosaurs with this book!

    - Why they don't play volleyball
    - Why they love cell phones
    - Why they have so many cavities
    - What a T-Rex selfie looks like
    - Why they are good at baseball
    - Do they win at sports
    - Should they ski jump
    - How would they do at ballet
    - Why archeology can be dangerous
    - Why they make bad pets
    - Can you fly with your T-Rex
    - Do they like pineapple on pizza
    - How are they at basketball
    - Why you don't argue with a T-Rex
    - What are their favorite games
    - and much more!
  • 40 Full Color, Full Page, T-Rex Cartoons!

T-Rex Goes Out to Lunch Cartoons
January 2023, Diesslin Press

Color Paperback Book $10

Kindle eBook $4.99

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