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The Cartoon Days of Christmas (TCDC)

On this our 13th Annual Cartoon Days of Christmas, we hope that you will enjoy our cartoons meant to bring a smile to you even amidst the hustle and bustle of this busy season. The cartoons are "G" rated fun for for the whole family; they poke fun at the commercialism while preserving the fun, joy and love of the season ... with an occasional reminder of the true reason for the season! With 20 new cartoons and almost 400 cartoons, we think that you will find plenty to enjoy here this year!

And now for this Year's TCDC ...

Cartoons by cartoonist:

Larry Miller - Bridgett Spicer - Pete Delgado - Sean Boley - Michael Pohrer - Dale Hunt - Rich Diesslin

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Larry (Snowman) Miller

Not Only a Close Shave ...

Layaway for the Holidays?!

Impatient Decorators!

Santa Gets and Upgrade ...

Elven Job Mobility

Larry Miller's E-mail

New Google Groups Forum: Cartoonists Wanted

Meet the Cartoonist:

Senior TCDC Contributor Larry Miller III of Peoria, Illiinois has been a published cartoonist since the publication of his first cartoon in August of 1974 in "Model Railroader Magazine" and he continued selling cartoons and illustrations to similar publications throughout the mid 1980s.

Larry peaked his out put during his college years as the cartoonist "Mr. N" of the "Harbinger" (the Student Newspaper for Illinois Central College) where he attended part-time from 1975 through 1980. Such cartoon panels as "Captain Boredom", "Barlap 4" and "Reasons Why Students Commit Suicide" were regular features, along with half-page panels and editorial cartoons.

Most of Larry's early works were created in the pen and ink format with marker and watercolor added after inking. He now scans his original ink renderings to computer and adds the color and shading in PhotoShop. He is currently producing cartoons for greeting cards as well as insurance, health and business internet newsletters. He produces panels and strips to individual order and can be reached by clicking the e-mail link above.


Larry Miller - Bridgett Spicer - Pete Delgado - Sean Boley - Michael Pohrer - Dale Hunt - Rich Diesslin

Bridgett (Christmas Spirit) Spicer

Don't Do Christmas Baking in a Hurry!

First Christmas?!

Bridgett Spicer's E-mail

Web Site:

Meet the Cartoonist:

Cartooner Bridgett Spicer lives and works in the Monterey area of Central California, where she draws Randie and Ryan (the further adventures of Squid Row). Squid Row, a four-panel humor strip about a quirky starving artist, ran in The Monterey County Herald for four years. And after eight years, Bridgett decided to relaunch the strip in more of a graphic novel style, but in webcomic form. It updates twice a week at

Bridgett, a professional coffee drinker and fine artist-person, enjoys traveling, painting, drinking coffee (duh), and endeavors to feed her cat in a timely manner.


Larry Miller - Bridgett Spicer - Pete Delgado - Sean Boley - Michael Pohrer - Dale Hunt - Rich Diesslin

Zombie Pete Delgado

Zombie the Snowman ...

Cartoonist's E-mail

Pete's Web Site:

Meet the Cartoonist:

Pete is the creator of RPG Penguin (aka RPG Blues) and Zombie-A-Go-Go and brings is unique zombie humor to the Christmas Holidays!


Larry Miller - Bridgett Spicer - Pete Delgado - Sean Boley - Michael Pohrer - Dale Hunt - Rich Diesslin

Sean (Lord of the Worms) Boley

Escape Claus?!

Sean's E-mail

Web links:

Meet the Cartoonist:

Fellow TCDC alumnus Sean Boley graces us with his twisted presence once again this year, bringing his typical off-the-wall humor to the yuletide table. And for the first time since his arrival to TCDC of seemingly many light years ago, Sean is introducing his own characters to the "Merry Christmas" mix -- which happen to be a couple of worms named Bob (their background story is too long to print here ... just ask Sean, he'll gladly tell you!).*

His ongoing pursuit of that holy grail of an art career is still going strong, and there's been some interesting changes along the way ... most notably having recently landed a comic strip gig, plus is also collaborating with another artist on some projects. And as if that weren't enough to keep him busy, he's also proud owner of his own small business, "SB Designs." Sean can be reached at, and you can find his artwork either on his Facebook profile or on his page,


Larry Miller - Bridgett Spicer - Pete Delgado - Sean Boley - Michael Pohrer - Dale Hunt - Rich Diesslin

Michael (Trekkie) Pohrer

Name that Tune ...


The Lost (and confused) Episode ...

Michael Pohrer's E-mail


Meet the Cartoonist:

St. Louis, Missouri Animator / Cartoonist / Illustrator Michael Pohrer. Spilling ink on drawing boards since 1979. Delivering daily funnies to the masses since 1988 through the printed pages. Creator of the internationally syndicated cartoon strips FIDDLESTIX©, Welcome To The Jungle©, and A Minute With Captain Obvious©. Currently a member of CAPS, Comic Art Professional SocietySCCS Southern California Cartoonists Society - San Diego Chapter of The National Cartoonists Society, I.C.C. International Cartoonist Conspiracy, and The St. Louis Gateway Arts.

 The various animation / digital graphics / illustrations / and cartoons produced at PC Studios can be seen throughout various media sources internationally. A few of these publications include The Global Free Press (Kingston, Ontario, Canada), Newropeans Magazine (Paris, France), The Lookout Newspaper (Victoria, B.C., Canada), and The Riverfront Times (United States). The material created has been broadcast on NBC and nationally on the MeTV Network, featured through Google News and appearing in "Best Editorial Compilations", Comic books (U.K., Britian), Anthologies, newspapers, magazines, as well as exhibitions through Galleries, and Museums. 

 Thanks to all the editors and publishers out there that have featured and continue to feature my work throughout the years. For more information on Michael Pohrer you can check out MJ's Tooned In Blog or email him at fantasticgraphics at gmail dot com. Connect socially with MJ on Google Plus.  


Larry Miller - Bridgett Spicer - Pete Delgado - Sean Boley - Michael Pohrer - Dale Hunt - Rich Diesslin

Dale (Deck the Halls) Hunt

Christmas Dog?

Bob's Bad Luck ...

Bob's Good Luck!

Dog-gone Christmas Promises ...

Dale Hunt's E-Mail

Meet the Cartoonist:

Dale has participated in TCDC since 2005 and always brings a unique take on Santa and Christmas. Enjoy!


Larry Miller - Bridgett Spicer - Pete Delgado - Sean Boley - Michael Pohrer - Dale Hunt - Rich Diesslin

Rich (Underwater) Diesslin

Tension Down on the Farm ...

Super Hero Christmas Present Ideas ...

Underwater Christmas?

Stupid Christmas Gifts Department:


Shopping Center Santa Misses the Point ...

Rich Diesslin's E-mail

See more of Rich's work at his web site (as it is most of the year) ...

Meet the Cartoonist:

Rich Diesslin is a syndicated and freelance cartoonist, and host of The Cartoon Days of Christmas (TCDC). He is the creator and cartoonist of the syndicated comic series Out to Lunch; the cartoonist of the KNOTS or Not (or KNOTS) scout cartoons done for his web site and; and cartoonist of the Cartoon Gospels. His latest book and ebook is Out to Lunch - Useless Add-Ons. He has several other books and ebooks including KNOTS Scout Cartoons, A Journey Through Christian Theology, The Cartoon Gospels, and The Cartoon Old Testament. You can find out more about Rich on his "regular" home page.


Larry Miller - Bridgett Spicer - Pete Delgado - Sean Boley - Michael Pohrer - Dale Hunt - Rich Diesslin

From all the TCDC Cartoonists to YOU ...

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We Hope You Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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We are happy to offer a TCDC gift shop of selected cartoons! Our intent is not to add to the commercialization of Christmas, but rather to make our cartoonists' cartoons available to you to share in the form of Christmas cards and other gift ideas. All proceeds go to the cartoonists or the operation of this site (at their request). We don't expect to sell all that much, but wanted a way for the cartoonists to get something back for their efforts in addition to this showcase of their talents. We also encourage you to visit their web sites and see what they do the rest of the year!

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We, the TCDC cartoonists, hope you enjoy our cartoon tribute to the Christmas season and wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Enjoy!