The Comic Book of Luke

A Cartoon Walk-Through of the Gospel of Luke

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This is simply a cartoon walk through the Gospel of Luke. It is based on the single panel cartoons of the Cartoon Gospel of Luke put into a more comic book style format. The scripture passages used were selected from Luke passages of the common lectionary.

Why Cartoons? A cartoon is somewhat like a visual form of parable. A parable is a short and entertaining story with a message. The idea behind a parable is that the listener will enjoy it enough to remember it and retell it to others (just think if they had e-mail in biblical times). There are parables in both the Old and New Testament, perhaps none more well known than those told by Jesus. Humor, in general, goes a long way toward illustrating a point, often more effectively than serious discourse.

I am a cartoonist by profession and a theologian and writer out of necessity. The cartoon is my main medium of expression and therefore my intent is for them to convey, in a memorable and entertaining way, the main points of these scriptures. Thank you for reading the Comic Book of Luke!


The Comic Book of Luke
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Diesslin Press - December 27, 2013

Excerpt - The Parable of the Lost Sheep

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