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Year: 2005 - 3rd Annual TCDC

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TCDC Cartoonists and their Question to Ponder:

  1. Charles Filius - What's the deal with Elves?
  2. Kevin Edler - How would You Pull a Sleigh?
  3. Ira Monroe - Is Your Christmas Politically Correct?
  4. VAL - What Gifts would World Leaders Want?
  5. Sean Boley - How Did Rudolph Get that Red Nose?
  6. Dale Hunt - What do You consider Useless Gifts?
  7. Joel Coughlin - How Do You Celebrate Christmas in Southern Climates?
  8. Rich Diesslin - What do Super Heroes Get for Christmas?

Charles Filius

A look into just What's the Deal with Elves at the North Pole anyway ...

Better hope Binky takes his Prozac!

Okay, so even if you have major medical at the North Pole ... how are you going to get to a doctor?<g>

Perhaps this is why Santa went to only taking the reindeer on deliveries!

The reason for the season - cheese ... nah, but pass the crackers anyway please!

See more of Charles' work at his web site:

Meet the Cartoonist:

Charles A. Filius was born in a house he helped his father build in a small town 2800 miles east of Los Angeles. His career in cartooning began within the confines of those early formative years of grade school ... which were spent happily filling in all those wasted, empty margins so common to all text books and exams of that era. A consummate professional, Charles has worked in virtually all phases of the graphic arts from production through management. Keyline Art and Mechanicals, Layout, Design, Logos & Corporate Identity Packages, Newsletters, Cartooning, Illustration, Cross Platform Computer Graphics, Slide Presentations, Publication Design, Custom Marine Graphics, and Advertising just head this list of his areas of expertise. Charles has been freelancing since August, 2001, for a wide variety of clients. His wide range of clientele provide him with an even wider range of projects, including designing a tarot deck, book and poster illustrations, and more. He currently resides in southern California.


Kevin Edler

A look into the use of Reindeer and Alternative Modes of Transportation!

And you thought herding cats was tough, try getting them to work as a team and pull something!
Cartoon Cool Stuff

Poor Santa ... some days are just tough! What hit the fan? Kitty litter of course!

Apparently reindeer are not a protected species!

I always just assumed it was a exothermic reaction caused by too many cherry PopTarts!


Ira Monroe

A look into Politically Incorrect Christmas ...

Perhaps it's not just Binky who needs Prozac!
Cartoon Cool Stuff

Okay, if you get "Gee" and "Haw" (not Hee Haw) you really know your
donkey calling <g>!
Cartoon Cool Stuff

Perhaps this one is more Politically Accurate than Incorrect <g>!

Meet the Cartoonist:

I am a middle-aged person who has operated a small cartooning studio here in Nebraska for about 25 years. As Nebraska is not necessarily the 'hub' of the publishing industry in the U.S. it is often difficult to find steady engagements. As with all of our brethren in this business, I am constantly seeking assignments. Thank goodness for the internet and the opportunities it affords all of us.

Some of my published work and contact information is located at;

I appreciate this opportunity to work with Rich and the other fine cartoonists that complete this project each year.


Lan Hoang Vu (a.k.a. VAL)

A look at what World Leaders would want for Christmas ...


Origins of Christmas 2005: Still China!

Wrong Question: "What's in Your Wallet?" Right Question: "What's in Your Heart?"

Well, who has better PR than Santa?

Meet the Cartoonist:

VAL’s cartoons are displayed and collected in many websites, museums, galleries, and private collections including The Peace Museum (Chicago, USA), BC Space Gallery (Laguna Beach, California, USA), Collection of Mayor Richard M. Daley of Chicago City (USA), Collection of Ms. Kim Phuc - “The Girl in the Picture” - from Kim Foundation (USA), Cartoon Museum of East Europe (Ploiesti, Romania) just to name a few. Recently, VAL’s cartooning carreer has taken a big leap when he started to work with The New York Times Syndicate.


Sean Boley

A look into why Rudolph's Nose is Red and other Santa Issues!

Okay, if Rudolph's red nose was from drinking would you
ask him to guide your sleigh tonight? I don't think so!
Cartoon Cool Stuff

Another from the "Fake Santas Sell-Out" file!
Cartoon Cool Stuff

The problem with last minute substitutions! However,
think of the possibilities of Mr. T as a babysitter!

It's hard to Ho, Ho, Ho, when stuck upside-down in a chimney!

Meet the Cartoonist:

Sean is a freelance 'toonist and illustrator, with a passion for it that runs deep and endless.
He's done all sorts of things over the years -- ranging from editorial cartooning to tattoo designing to even some local advertising.
He's not syndicated yet ... but he is driven. His personal quest for that "holy grail" will continue onward.


Dale Hunt

A look into Useless Gifts ...

Sorry, you aren't allowed to help Santa with his list <g>!

You've heard of "good cop, bad cop" ... well, there you go!

We all have our burdens to bear!
Cartoon Cool Stuff

No one wants this for Christmas! Truly a most useless gift.
If you are trying to analyze things like how it was given as a gift ...
hey, it's just a cartoon ... lighten up!


Joel Coughlin

A look into a White Christmas in Warmer Climates ...

How long until the red ants eat the carrot? <G>

Rich Diesslin

A look at Gift Giving to Super Heroes and
a cartoon look into the Manger Scene!

How many times do you just want to slap Petey ... you're over-thinking it guy!
Cartoon Cool Stuff

Almost as incredible as Lois never figuring out Clark was Superman!
Cartoon Cool Stuff

Can you even buy Rubik's Cubes anymore? I rest my case!
Cartoon Cool Stuff

Sheep pondering the reason for the season <g>!!!
Cartoon Cool Stuff

See more of Rich's work at his web site:

Meet the Cartoonist:

Rich Diesslin is a freelance cartoonist with a bachelor's degree from Purdue University and an Master's from the University of Dayton. He is the creator and cartoonist of the KNOTS or Not (or KNOTS) scouting cartoons and a cartoonist for the London's Times Cartoons. He is the cartoonist of A Journey Through Christian Theology, Fortress Press, and companion A Journey Through Christian Theology Color Cartoons CD. His most recent book is The Cartoon Gospel of John, a commentary with full color cartoons, from ACTA:Chicago.


This year's cartoonists are Sean Boley, Joel Coughlin, Rich Diesslin, Charles Filius, Dale Hunt, Kevin Edler, Ira Monroe and Lan Hoang Vu (a.k.a. VAL)! Thanks!!! Also thanks to our "Friends of TCDC" Links" web sites that are helping to get the word out.

A Word about this Year's TCDC
This year's cartoon look at Christmas started with a question to ponder for each cartoonist. However, they were not limited to just their question ... afterall this is a cartoonist showcase, not a test! See if you can figure out a few common themes among cartoonists this year.

Y'all Come Back Now, Y'Hear!
We, the TCDC cartoonists, hope you enjoy our cartoon tribute to the Christmas season and wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays (whichever one(s) you celebrate) and a Happy New Year! Enjoy!

Thanks to all the cartoonists who made this possible!!!

Thanks to All of You for Stopping By!!!

Enjoy and Tell a Friend!

From all the cartoonists to YOU!

Thanks and Have a Happy New Year!

Thanks to all the cartoonists who made this possible!!!

Thanks to All of You for Stopping By!!!

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