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A Few Words about this Year's TCDC
This year's cartoonists take a family-friendly look at Christmas and the Holidays!
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Chad Carpenter
Sean Boley
Larry Miller
Rich Diesslin
Nelson Dewey
Dale Hunt
Ira Monroe
Ira Monroe (continued)
Sean Boley (continued)
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Chad Carpenter - Ira Monroe - Sean Boley - Dale Hunt - Larry Miller - Rich Diesslin - Michael Pohrer - Nelson Dewey

That Wild and Crazy Tundra Guy - Chad Carpenter

The Dangers of Driving While using a Cell Phone!

Jolly Fat Man?!

Going Green is Never as Easy as it Sounds!

Chad's E-mail

Meet the Cartoonist:

Chad Carpenter was born at an early age. Abandoned by his parents on his 20th birthday, he was forced to wander aimlessly in his neighbors backyard. It was there that he was adopted by a pack of friendly ground squirrels and taught the ways of small rodents. Subsisting mainly on grass, seeds and insects, Chad grew and grew, Until one day, the neighbor finally got sick of the huge holes Chad was digging in his rose garden and had him leave the state.

From these humble beginnings, Chad has turned his artwork into a thriving comic strip known as Tundra which now runs in hundreds of newspapers throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and even Jamaica & Trinidad. In May of 2008 Chad was presented with the Reuben Award for "Best Newspaper Panel" by the National Cartoonist Society. Tundra has been called the most successful self-syndicated newspaper comic in history.

For more information, newsletter and/or seasonal books and merchandise, check out the tundra website at http://tundracomics.com


Lighter than a Fruitcake - Ira Monroe

Okay, So What if Santa Did Diet?!

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Somebody is NOT Paying Attention to the Poem!

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Hurry - Grab the Kaopectate!

or the origin of Mario Kart turtle bombs!

Ira's E-mail

Web Link: http://www.ArtWanted.com/bwanaart

Meet the Cartoonist:

Ira Monroe has operated a small cartooning studio in Nebraska for about 25 years. As Nebraska is not necessarily the 'hub' of the publishing industry in the U.S. it is often difficult to find steady engagements. As with all of our brethren in this business, he is constantly seeking assignments (and now you know how to contact him). Thank goodness for the internet and the opportunities it affords all of us. Ira especially enjoys this opportunity to work with all of the fine TCDC cartoonists again this year!


The Ever Optimistic - Sean Boley

There are many theories about the red nose ...

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Sean's Ongoing Elf Protest and Court Hearing (refer to past years <g>)!

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Have a Smurfy Day! ;)

Sean's E-mail

Web links: http://www.myspace.com/kr2nist

Meet the Cartoonist:

Sean is a freelance 'toonist and illustrator with a passion for art that just won't quit! He's done all sorts of things over the years, and has been doing plenty of logo designing this year. He has yet to be syndicated, but remains driven. His personal quest for that "holy grail" will continue until total success is reached.


Dale "Oily" Hunt

Holiday Uses of Industrial Accidents?

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Word Gets Around ...

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More Oil?

Dale's E-Mail


Larry "Flyboy" Miller

New Hazards on the Route - Wind Farms!

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A Perfect 10!

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Geek Elves!

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New and Improved

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Paying Tribute!

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Larry's E-mail

Meet the Cartoonist:

Larry Miller III of Peoria, Illiinois has been a published cartoonist since the publication of his first cartoon in August of 1974 in "Model Railroader Magazine" and he continued selling cartoons and illustrations to similar publications throughout the mid 1980s.

Larry peaked his out put during his college years as the cartoonist "Mr. N" of the "Harbinger" (the Student Newspaper for Illinois Central College) where he attended part-time from 1975 through 1980. Such cartoon panels as "Captain Boredom", "Barlap 4" and "Reasons Why Students Commit Suicide" were regular features, along with half-page panels and editorial cartoons.

Most of Larry's early works were created in the pen and ink format with marker and watercolor added after inking. He now scans his original ink renderings to computer and adds the color and shading in PhotoShop. He is currently producing cartoons for greeting cards as well as insurance, health and business internet newsletters. He produces panels and strips to individual order and can be reached by clicking the e-mail link above.


Rich "Reindeer Games" Diesslin

I Hope it's Cold Egg Nog!

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Reindeer Games

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I'd Say this Elf Might be from California

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A Savior is Born

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Rich's E-mail

See more of Rich's work at his web site (as it is most of the year) ...

Meet the Cartoonist:

Rich Diesslin is a freelance cartoonist, and host of The Cartoon Days of Christmas (TCDC). He is the creator and cartoonist of the comic series Out to Lunch; the cartoonist of the KNOTS or Not (or KNOTS) scouting cartoon series done for his web site and USScouts.org; and a cartoonist for the London's Times Cartoons. He has several books (such KNOTS Cartoons) and e-books out including A Journey Through Christian Theology, Fortress Press (Coming out in it's 2nd Editions March 2010), and The Cartoon Gospel of John, a commentary in full color published by ACTA Publications (both with author William Anderson). Look for his full-color paperback book The KNOTS or Not Scouting Cartoons also coming out this Spring! You can find out more about Rich on his "regular" home page.


MJ "Hammer" or MJ "FiddleStix" You Decide!
aka Michael Pohrer

Can You Pass Up a Bargain?

Breakfast of Champions?

Michael Pohrer's E-mail

Meet the Cartoonist:

Michael Pohrer is an Internationally Syndicated Missouri Cartoonist / Illustrator. Current Editorial Cartoonist for The National Free Press. Creator of FIDDLESTIX©, and the new feature Welcome To The Jungle© comic strips. Spilling ink on drawing boards since 1979. Delivering daily funnies to the masses through the printed pages since 1988. Currently a member of CAPS, Comic Art Professional Society, I.C.C. International Cartoonist Conspiracy, and The St. Louis Gateway Arts.

The various illustrations / cartoons produced at PC Studios can be seen throughout various media sources internationally as well as Museums and Galleries across the United States. Publications featuring Michael Pohrer's cartoons include The National Free Press (Kingston, Ontario Canada), The Nashville Free Press (U.S.A.), Newsblaze Publications (U.S.A.), and Newropeans Magazine (Paris, France).

For more cartoons you can check out MJ's TOONED IN Blog (http://blog.nationalfreepress.org/NFPCartoonist/) or email him at mj@nationalfreepress.org


Nelson "SLEIGHtoons" Dewey

Ouch! ;)

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Nelson's E-mail

Web links:


Meet the Cartoonist:

Nelson Dewey has been a professional cartoonist for a little over 50 years. His earliest memory of “cartooning” was when he got in trouble with a Grade 1 teacher, for “illuminating” the alphabet instead of just doing block letters. He has continued scribbling ever since.

While still in high school, Nelson became a professional cartoonist, with a sale to HOT ROD Magazine in 1960. He went on to draw and write regularly for CARtoons, HOT ROD Cartoons, and SURFtoons for 25 years. These comic books eventually shut down, and he went on to other kinds of cartooning, including magazine and newspaper cartoons, book illustrations, animation, and storyboarding (a lot like cartooning!). But I’ve always kept a love for things with wheels.

Over the years, there’s always seemed to be a strong interest in those "classic" comic books. Now the internet makes it easy for readers to find him as well as other CARtoonists. We recommend you check out his blog at http://carzy.ca to find out more about the comic books, the people, the cars, the times and to chat with Nelson Dewey about cartoons and cartooning — and and see some of his old stuff along with the new!


Chad Carpenter - Ira Monroe - Sean Boley - Dale Hunt - Larry Miller - Rich Diesslin - Michael Pohrer - Nelson Dewey

From all the cartoonists to YOU!

Thanks for Dropping By!
We Hope You Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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This year's cartoonists are Chad Carpenter, Ira Monroe, Sean Boley, Dale Hunt, Larry Miller, Michael Pohrer, Rich Diesslin and Nelson Dewey!! Thanks Guys!!!

Comments to our cartoonists can be e-mailed to the directly or added to our TCDC BLOG!

Also thanks to our "Friends of TCDC" web sites that are helping to get the word out.

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We are happy to offer a gift shop of selected cartoons! Our intent is not to add to the commercialization of Christmas, but rather to make our cartoonists' cartoons available to you to share in the form of Christmas cards and other gift ideas. All proceeds go to the cartoonists or the operation of this site (at their request). We don't expect to sell all that much, but wanted a way for the cartoonists to get something back for their efforts in addition to this showcase of their talents. We also encourage you to visit their web sites and see what they do the rest of the year!

Y'all Come Back Now, Y'Hear!

We, the TCDC cartoonists, hope you enjoy our cartoon tribute to the Christmas season and wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Enjoy!

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