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The Cartoon Days of Christmas (TCDC)!

Year: 2008 - 6th Annual TCDC

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  1. Larry Miller
  2. Sean Boley
  3. Rich Diesslin
  4. Kevin Edler
  5. HR
  6. Dale Hunt
  7. VAL

Larry Miller

THEME: Christmas Preparations!

There's always one neighbor ... ;o

Cartoon Cool Stuff

Hey, it looked good in the store!

Ah nostalgia! Just what is it worth?

Cartoon Cool Stuff

And you thought you needed a Bow-Flex!

Here's a way to save on the price of that Christmas tree ... sort of ...

Larry's E-mail

Meet the Cartoonist:

Larry Miller III of Peoria, Illiinois has been a published cartoonist since the publication of his first cartoon in August of 1974 in "Model Railroader Magazine" and he continued selling cartoons and illustrations to similar publications throughout the mid 1980s.

Larry peaked his out put during his college years as the cartoonist "Mr. N" of the "Harbinger" (the Student Newspaper for Illinois Central College) where he attended part-time from 1975 through 1980. Such cartoon panels as "Captain Boredom", "Barlap 4" and "Reasons Why Students Commit Suicide" were regular features, along with half-page panels and editorial cartoons.

Most of Larry's early works were created in the pen and ink format with marker and watercolor added after inking. He now scans his original ink renderings to computer and adds the color and shading in PhotoShop. He is currently producing cartoons for greeting cards as well as insurance, health and business internet newsletters. He produces panels and strips to individual order and can be reached by clicking the e-mail link above.

Sean Boley

THEME: Elves and Santa!

So just how personal is your BLOG?

Cartoon Cool Stuff

Somehow it seems a lump of coal is in order ...

Cartoon Cool Stuff

Sean's E-mail

Web links: http://www.myspace.com/kr2nist

Meet the Cartoonist:

Sean is a freelance 'toonist, illustrator, and NOW a fashion designer/graphics specialist with a passion for art that just won't quit! He's done all sorts of things over the years -- ranging from editorial cartooning to tattoo designing to local advertising...and has just gotten himself into the clothing designing business. He's still not syndicated yet...but he remains driven. His personal quest for that "holy grail" will continue onward until total success is reached.

Rich Diesslin

THEME: Christmas Moments

Remember your childhood plans to see Santa on Christmas Eve?

You know the economy is bad when ...

T many martoonies or just too many Christmas parties?

Cartoon Cool Stuff

Let us not forget the reason for the season as we check in on Joseph and Mary trying to book a room!

Cartoon Cool Stuff


See more of Rich's work at his web site (as it is most of the year) ...

Meet the Cartoonist:

Rich Diesslin is a freelance cartoonist, and host of The Cartoon Days of Christmas (TCDC). He is the creator and cartoonist of the ROK Comic series Out to Lunch and The Mobile Gospel; a cartoonist for The Springfield Paper; the cartoonist of the KNOTS or Not (or KNOTS) scouting cartoon series done for his web site and USScouts.org; and a cartoonist for the London's Times Cartoons. He has several book and e-books out including A Journey Through Christian Theology, Fortress Press (and the companion CD collection of color cartoons), and The Cartoon Gospel of John, a commentary in full color published by ACTA Publications (both with author William Anderson). His most recent e-book is Joseph: A Tale of Two Traditions and The KNOTS or Not Scouting Cartoons Volumes I and II. You can find out more about Rich on his "regular" home page.

Kevin Edler

THEMEs: Snowflakes, Cats, Prisoners, Reindeer and Snowmen!
(pretty much goes full circle doesn't it)

Think Big!

Cuteness, pun, cuteness, pun, cuteness, pun ... okay YOU decide <g> ...

So this is that guy! (and right where he belongs too) ... ;)

Don't ya just hate it when that happens?

Cartoon Cool Stuff

Possession is nine tenths of the law ...

Cartoon Cool Stuff

File this under "Things not to say to the Mrs."

Sadly we lost Kevin Edler shortly after TCDC this year.
Click here to read a tribute to our good friend!


THEME: People Who Might Get a Lump of Coal for Christmas?

HR is this year's winner of the "most Christmas spirit" award contributing
seven cartoons! Good job man! No lump of coal here!

An unusual request from the great outdoors.

Cartoon Cool Stuff

A different perspective on ornaments from ornaments ...

Cartoon Cool Stuff

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry ...

The pre-emptive strike.

Cartoon Cool Stuff

Reindeer fitness ...

Cartoon Cool Stuff

The reality TV Show "To Catch a Preditor"
uses the ol' Mrs. Clause routine ...

Cartoon Cool Stuff

The little know logistical issues with Christmas delivery!

Can you say "lump of coal for the duckies?"
Cartoon Cool Stuff

Meet the Cartoonist:

HR is a cartoonist, illustrator and writer, UK - yes TCDC is again international!!!!

Dale Hunt

THEME: Santa!


Cartoon Cool Stuff

Imgine if ...

Cartoon Cool Stuff

Dale's E-Mail

Lan Hoang Vu (a.k.a. VAL)

Cash or Coal ... no Credit!

See more of Val's work at his web site:

Meet the Cartoonist:

Lan Hoang Vu (a.k.a. VAL) was born and grew up in Vung Tau, Vietnam. VAL began creating political cartoons since 1987 by drawing syndicated cartoons for various newspapers and magazines nationwide in Vietnam. VAL came to the USA in 1991 at which time he stopped drawing cartoons and began a career as a graphic designer. Ten years later, however, because of the tremendous impact the September 11th Terrorist Attacks in America had on his psyche, VAL immediately picked up his pens and started to draw political cartoons again.

A graduate from the prestigious National University of Fine Art in Saigon, and from California State University in Long Beach, VAL is currently working as an Art Director at VAL Designs (www.valdesigns.com), a full service design firm based in Orange County, and stays abreast of international news by drawing daily cartoons for various publications including Viet Bao Daily News, Nguoi Viet Daily News, Viet Weekly... VAL's cartoons, usually with minimal wordings, convey multi-level of meanings depending on the perception of individual audience. His cartoons focus mostly on political events, ranging from international matters to local Vietnamese community issues.

VAL's cartoons are displayed and collected in many websites, museums, galleries, and private collections including The Peace Museum (Chicago, USA), BC Space Gallery (Laguna Beach, California, USA), Collection of Mayor Richard M. Daley of Chicago City (USA), Collection of Ms. Kim Phuc - "The Girl in the Picture" - from Kim Foundation (USA), Cartoon Museum of East Europe (Ploiesti, Romania), Collection of Scientist Colin Pillinger, Head of Planetary and Space Sciences, Open University (UK), just to name a few. VAL has also been working with The New York Times Syndicate.

Enjoy and Tell a Friend!

From all the TCDC cartoonists to all of YOU ...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thanks to all the cartoonists who made this possible!!!

Thanks to All of You for Stopping By!!!


A huge thank you to all our cartoonists this year - Sean Boley, Rich Diesslin, Kevin Edler, Dale Hunt, Larry Miller, HR and Lan Hoang Vu (VAL)! We can't do it without you guys!

Also thanks to our "Friends of TCDC" web sites that are helping to get the word out.

A Word about this Year's TCDC

This year's cartoon look at Christmas is free-form. Each cartoonist contributes cartoons relating their funny perspective on the Christmas season. This is a cartoonist showcase, so we hope you enjoy our efforts. See if you can figure out a few common themes among cartoonists this year. The cartoons are mostly "G" rated.

Why a Gift Shop?

For our third year we are proud to offer a gift shop of selected prior years' cartoons! Our intent is not to add to the commercialization of Christmas, but rather to make our cartoonists' cartoons available to you to share in the form of Christmas cards and other gift ideas. All proceeds go to the cartoonists or the operation of this site. We don't expect to sell all that much, but wanted a way for the cartoonists to get something back for their efforts in addition to this showcase of their talents. We also encourage you to visit their web sites and see what they do the rest of the year!

Y'all Come Back Now, Y'Hear!

We, the TCDC cartoonists, hope you enjoy our cartoon tribute to the Christmas season and wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Enjoy!

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