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Rich Diesslin is a freelance cartoonist with a B.S. from Purdue University and an M.A. from the University of Dayton. He is the creator and cartoonist of the Out to Lunch syndicated, single-panel comic (OTL for short) and KNOTS or Not (or KNOTS) scouting cartoons. He is the author and cartoonist of The Cartoon Old Testament, KNOTS Cartoons (the book), The Cartoon Gospel of John, ACTA Publications, and The Cartoon Ten Commandments. He is the cartoonist of A Journey Through Christian Theology, Fortress Press, and companion A Journey Through Christian Theology Color Cartoons CD.

Areas of Interest

CARTOONIST - general, editorial, business, religious and more! Single and multi-panel, for web, logos, t-shirts, books, magazines, multi-media and animation.

ILLUSTRATOR - caricature, true representation, nature, wildlife, and drawing for animation.

SPEAKER - schools, dinners, and retreats. Topics include drawing, humor in the Bible, theology, religion, scouting and more.

His goal is to entertain and inform!

We hope you like what you see on this site and the products that he is offering.  Please feel free to e-mail him and/or comment in his BLOG!

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