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The 2015 Cartoon Gospel
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Old Testament*

New Testatment


1/4/2015 Jer 03:07-14 Eph 01:03-06,15-18 John 1:1-18
Epiphany (1/6) Isa 60:01-06 Eph 03:01-12 Matthew 2:1-12
1/11/2015 Gen 01:01-05 Acts 19:01-07 Mark 1:4-11
1/18/2015 ISam 03:01-20 ICor 06:12-20 John 1:35-42
1/25/2015 Jonah 03:01-05,10 ICor 07:29-31(32-25) Mark 1:14-20

*Note: Old Testament is not always tracking with the Common Lectionary - FYI

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Jonah 03:01-05,10

John 1:35-42

Mark 1:14-20

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